British Recycled Plastic picnic tables are not only incredibly resilient but also look lot smarter than wooden alternatives.  Although they may cost more than wood, you certainly get what you pay for. The problems that commonly effect wooden tables are solved by choosing recycled plastic.  Graffiti can be wiped clean as the recycled plastic profiles used to construct the tables do not have a grain that can be stained by paint, and have a protective skin formed during the intrusion moulding process.  This is a major consideration for many of our customers when sourcing outdoor furniture for schools, parks and public areas. The tables are also extremely robust and impact resistant, hindering other forms of vandalism.

Our range of tables will not rot, split or splinter, and are resistant to algae growth.  This ensures that the tables are safe, smart, and have a lifespan many times that of wooden furniture.

The increased initial layout on recycled plastic picnic tables is more than made up for by the long term performance of the product.  In a time of financial constraints and budget cutting it is tempting to go for the cheapest rather than the best, but this is a false economy as this incurs maintenance and replacement costs that are not a issue with recycled plastic furniture.

Those taking the long view in this regard (and discounting the obvious environmental benefits of sourcing recycled materials) are rewarded with attractive, zero maintenance furniture that will not need replacing in next years budget.  Contact us for more information on the range, or a quotation.