Since we started with them a couple of years ago, our flat-packed recycled plastic furniture has become incredibly popular, particularly when combined with our “Buy 4 Get 5” Special Offer, out-selling our fully assembled models at around for to one.

As well as the lower price, when you look at the this picture of five Holmfirth junior picnic tables it’s really easy to see why. All five of them stack on a single pallet space, (it’s a double pallet space for the bigger tables), making the shipping costs incredibly low due to the economies of scale possible from stacking up to five tables on top of each other.

As well as the fabricated recycled plastic A-frame sections and the blue seat and table top slats, this photo also shows the box containing the assembly instruction and all the fixings strapped on to the top of the stack.

These five are on their way to a junior school in Oxford at a shipping cost of just £46+VAT, common to much of Britain, but you can easily check the cost to your location by looking at our Transport Map here.