You are here because you recognise the longevity and merit of our recycled plastic products and know they would be great for your community project.

Would your community organisation would like to invest in some picnic tables for a play area, or benches to help people with limited mobility take advantage of your local green space, or put up some of our maintenance free raised beds to grow food in your community garden? If you need some extra help with the funding, have you considered approaching your local authority?

Most councils have some money that they give out in the form of small grants. In addition, many councillors can make small funding awards (around £500 in our authority) from their ward funds. These may be called ward grants or ward forum grants. Whatever they are called it is definitely worth getting in touch with your local borough or county council to find out what you can apply for.

This link can help you find the right place to start your search:

In addition, some town or parish councils also have money to give out in the form of grants.

If you decide to go down this route, here are some points to include that might help in your

  • Low/no maintenance
  • Long-lasting, so will not need replacing
  • How the items will benefit your community

And if your council has declared a Climate Emergency you could also mention:

  • Helping reduce the amount of plastic going to landfill
  • Helping reduce the production of new plastic

Your community group can be relatively informal and doesn’t need to be a registered charity to get grant funding from town or district councils. However, most councils and bodies that award grants will require your organisation to have a constitution, a bank account and a couple of named committee members (a secretary and a treasurer). If you need help with this, most areas will have a Voluntary Action organisation who can give advice and guidance, and there is also a lot of information available online.

Good luck with your project and please get in touch with us if you need any further information about the suitability of our products for your venture, or if you’d like a fully costed quote.