Our Hebden grids act as permeable pavers (as well as other uses like shed bases, but more about that another day) as, unlike regular tarmac, they let the rain pass through them, returning quickly to the water table rather than being forced into the drainage system.

Clearly, the inability of the drainage systems in many countries to cope with the ever-increasing ferocity of sudden downpours is one of the reasons flooding is happening more frequently, so authorities at all levels of society are searching for ways to avoid impermeable surfaces.

As well as hoping that companies, organisations and private individuals will act more responsibly when it comes to planning and building parking areas and access routes, recent developments in the law means that planning permission for tarmac has become very hard to get unless it is absolutely essential.

This is not usually the case with our Hebden grids which, subject to proper installation, are very popular with planning officers.

Take a look at this video for some of the applications this versatile product can be used for.