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Recycled plastic decking improves accessibility

Angling clubs around the UK are already making use of our recycled plastic decking for their fishing platforms. It's really a no-brainer when you consider the beneficial properties of recycled plastic in an aquatic environment, compared to more traditional materials....

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Recycled plastic benches for the win

Our recycled plastic benches are perfect for parklands, nature trails, schools, council buildings, and anywhere else that requires seating with clean style and robust functionality.

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Raised beds and boosting biodiversity at Redacre

The Redacre growing project in Mytholmroyd, West Yorkshire, is an inspiring example of what the power of community can achieve. Founded in 2006, the co-operative area currently has 24 full allotment plots with numerous raised beds, tended by a group of like-minded...

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More amazing recycled plastic lumber projects!

We recently posted about the vast array of recycled plastic lumber projects that out canny customers come up with – from bird hospitals and bus shelters, to mini railways and lock paddles – our lumber has been a core component of countless jobs. The versatility of...

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Happy Global Recycling Day!

Today is Global Recycling Day, a great opportunity for everyone to come together to highlight the importance of recycling, reducing waste and tackling the climate crisis. Created in 2018 by the Global Recycling Foundation, Global Recycling Day aims to recognise and...

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Raised beds rejuvenate grounds of Broadgreen Hospital

It's always gratifying to see our raised beds wherever they sit, and they're currently all over the UK – from domestic gardens and allotments, to schools and sports clubs, they're abundant with verdant vegetation right across the country. But sometimes there's a...

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A question of recycling

As well as offering a range of recycled products that are used in all kinds of locations around the country, we also keep our eye on the recycling industry as a whole, and we're always happy to share information with our online audience. Regulations for home recycling...

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Love the longevity of recycled plastic

One of the benefits of our recycled plastic that is commented on the most is its remarkable longevity. All of our products come with a 25-year guarantee as standard, but in reality we expect the material to last much longer than that. It's very common for our...

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Cricket clubs love recycled plastic

The warmer months are on the way, and what evokes the great British summertime more than blue skies, languid days, and the sound of leather on willow? So if you’re looking forward to relaxing at one of the UK’s many cricket clubs, what better way to do so than with our recycled plastic tables and benches?

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Amazing lumber projects using British Recycled Plastic

We have an established and eclectic range of ready-made recycled plastic products that are loved by our customers throughout the UK. You may have seen our wares in parks, playgrounds, domestic gardens, community spaces, sports clubs, nature reserves, council...

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British Recycled Plastic furniture – how it’s made

Here at BRP, we offer a whole host of recycled plastic furniture, from picnic tables and benches, to dining sets and loungers. You may well have seen some of our range in various locations across the country – it stands proudly in domestic gardens, parks, schools,...

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