Ground Fixing Kits for Furniture

Add a little extra security with fixing kits for both hard and soft ground.


Our furniture is heavy and therefore difficult to steal or push around, but if you would like some extra security we can supply fixing kits to secure your bench or table to the ground. Each kit is designed to attach two points to the floor using heavy-duty stakes and brackets for soft ground, or brackets and drilled-in bolts for hard surfaces. We recommend using diagonally opposite corners for fixing points.


Please note: Soft fixing kits require a tool. Buy your first set with a tool and all subsequent sets without.

If you represent a school, a public sector organisation or a large charity like the National Trust and would like to pay by invoice, please phone or email us and we’ll work with you directly.

VAT is not included in the price, VAT and delivery will be added at checkout for mainland Britain (excluding Highlands and Islands).

Lead times may vary, please contact our wonderful support team with any queries on 01422 419 555 or [email protected].

Product Information

Hard fix kit comprises 2no. L-shaped bracket to be fitted to diagonally opposite legs.

Soft fix kit combines 2 no. loops to be fitted to the furniture plus additional long ground spikes.

Key Benefits

  • Additional security for your furniture or planters.
  • Stainless steel for longevity and strength.
  • No additional delivery charges.

Any questions? Contact us.

We have a team of assisters and fixers who can help you with any sales or technical queries or generally help you with any of your project needs.