Secure Hebden X Grids on inclines of 5% or more with J Pins for soft ground and U Pins for harder surfaces.


Prices excl.VAT

Pin your X Grids when installing on gradients of more than 5% (1 in 20). One pin per tile is generally sufficient, although more may be used on particularly steep terrain or where large areas of grids are being used.

VAT is not included in the price, VAT and delivery will be added at checkout for mainland Britain (excluding Highlands and Islands).

Product Information

Pack of 25.

6mm(diam) x 285mm(L).

Galvanised steel.

J Pins are suitable for softer ground.

When used with seeded topsoil, the roots from the lawn grass will anchor the grids in place.

Key Benefits

  • Additional security for your grids when placed on an incline.
  • No additional delivery charges when purchased with Hebden X Grids.

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