Recycled Plastic Compost Bins

Composting solutions for every garden all engineered from our trusted, 100% solid recycled plastic and all with a 25-year guarantee.

One of the best uses that we have discovered for our maintenance-free recycled plastic for any serious gardener; composters.

Not only are the engineered recycled plastic planks we use so rot-proof that we feel able to guarantee them for 25 years, the black colour mean that they also act as a thermal store. This allows them to absorb even the slightest environmental heat much more efficiently than treated timber, speeding up the composting process.

As not all gardeners needs are the same, we have two separate types of composters; the quick assembly “Redacre” and the heavy duty “Callis” triple composter, named after allotment areas near our offices in the Calder Valley.

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