Recycled Plastic Planters 

Heavy-duty recycled plastic planters for on-street and commercial use.

Recycled plastic planters are a great addition to any school, garden, town centre or commercial premises. Robust and good looking, our planters will not rot, split, splinter or decay in any way. Their zero maintenance and 25-year guarantee make them a perfect choice to replace wooden alternatives.

To protect part of a site from vehicles, or as a purely decorative addition with shrubs or perhaps bee-friendly flowers, they match perfectly with the existing range of British Recycled Plastic outdoor furniture.

Key benefits: Rot, splinter and maintenance free

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Raised bed tips and customer review

Helen from Bedfordshire bought six of our 300mm raised beds a couple of years ago. She got in touch recently to tell us what she thought of them, and to share some of her raised bed tips. It's always great to hear from the users of our products - after all, they're...

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Made from British Recycled Plastic

Not part of the plastic waste problem Our recycled plastic furniture, lumber and raised beds are robust, they don’t rot or require any maintenance other than a wipe once in a while. They withstand the worst of the weather and once installed can simply be forgotten...

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Kids Dodge Pollution with Recycled Plastic Planters

Breathing Traffic Fumes... Exhausting. We all know the air in modern cities is rarely great, but for kids it can be even worse - they do all their breathing so much closer to the level of all those exhaust pipes that it can be a major health hazard. Goose Green School...

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