Recycled plastic boardwalk at National Trust Brimham Rocks

We have just been sent this photograph by John Branton from the National Trust property at Brimham Rocks in North Yorkshire, showing a small recycled plastic boardwalk he and several helpers constructed to enable visitors cross some boggy ground.

John used our recycled plastic 100x50mm lengths as stringers and 150x40mm decking boards, cut to size on site, as the non slip top surface.

Recycled plastic is a long standing favourite of the National Trust due to lack of maintenance required and the fact that it never rots, splits or splinters.

Boardwalks in their simplest form are laid on the ground like this, but more complex elevated constructions can be made from recycled plastic too. Things to remember are that if the boardwalk is 400mm or more above the ground there needs to be a handrail at a height of 1100mm or greater if the traffic is mainly on foot. If the main traffic is cyclists, then the rail needs to be at a height of 1400mm or greater.