Supermarkets were some of the first types of organisations in the UK to start using recycled plastic in construction and landscaping when they began to use it for bollards.

In most cases standard recycled plastic bollards do very well; for example, the ones at Tesco in the video shown delineating walkways, and there are others when some intervention is necessary. The bollards at the front of the Morrisons shop in the clip have steel cores in them to prevent thieves reversing vehicles through the windows.

Available in 150 or 120mm diameters, with the option of domed, chamfered or flat tops, our range of recycled plastic bollards provide an attractive, economic and durable solution for any property.

Recycled plastic bollards

British recycled plastic bollards with steel cores used on the grounds of this Morrisons supermarket

Domed topped "Halifax" bollards from British Recycled Plastic are the standard Tesco specification with their 50mm white reflected band included as standard.

Recycled plastic bollards at Morrisons