Recycled Plastic for Gardeners

Durable and weatherproof – garden furniture, raised bed kits and composters.

If you want your garden to be sustainable, as well as beautiful and productive, then you’ve come to the right place! Our raised bed kits, composters and garden furniture are all made from solid plastic, recycled and engineered in the UK, from UK-sourced waste.

Hannah leaning on raised bed from British Recycled Plastic

Our raised bed kits are available in a multitude of sizes and in three different heights, for your comfort. As well as our standard 1000mm-wide beds, there’s a 500mm-wide version for smaller spaces, balconies and urban gardens. They’re a great way to reduce weeding, improve soil quality, rotate crops and take advantage of the many benefits of companion planting. Our black plastic stores thermal energy, warming the soil to speedup germination and offering a little extra protection against frost. All of our raised bed kits will fit on a single pallet space, so they can travel in smaller vehicles, where required. Your new raised bed will be delivered kerbside and tail-lifted to the ground, making delivery an absolute breeze. Assembly is straightforward and easy, too. The panels of your kit are pre-assembled, so all you have to do is bolt panels together and then add the cross-ties. All fixings are high-quality stainless steel and included in your kit; you’ll need only an adjustable spanner and a screwdriver for assembly. It really couldn’t be easier!

We carry a range of complimentary composters, too. Our Redacre is an easy-assembly model, best suited to small families and those who have only kitchen scraps to compost. If you’re a professional gardener, an allotmenteer, or a family with additional garden waste, then we’d recommend the Callis – a heavy-duty option available with single, double or triple bins. If you’re short on space, there’s a compact version, the same width as our narrower raised beds, at 500mm. Lids are also available for our Callis range in both standard and compact sizes.

A Micro Callis composter with a width of 500mm for narrower urban gardens
The Roundhay recycled plastic garden set in a private garden in Derbyshire

Once you’ve got the gardening done and chucked all the waste in your sleek new composter, it’s time to grab a cool drink and relax on our range of premium garden furniture. Our Roundhay Garden Dining Set comprises a classic round table with four chairs, all of which are available as separate items. Gather the family together for a meal and enjoy the fruits of your labour on furniture which will never need maintaining, repairing or replacing. Short on space? We’ve got you! Our Harrogate Garden Furniture Set offers a space-saving alternative with sharp and stylish lines. If you’re more of a lounge lizard or sunbather, you’ll want our Rosedale Lounger Set, comprising a pair of comfortable loungers plus a coffee table. The loungers are available as separate items, too. All of our garden furniture is delivered fully-assembled and available in black, brown or with stylish grey slats on black frames.

Whichever of our products you choose, you can be assured that it’ll be the last one you’ll ever need to buy. The worst quality of waste plastic (it lasts forever) is the best quality of products manufactured from recycled plastic – they last forever! You’ll never need to repair, refurbish or replace your British Recycled Plastic raised bed, composter or garden furniture, indeed, it will outlast most of us. In the unlikely event it ceases to be of use to you, you can return it to us for re-recycling.

Key Benefits of our Recycled Plastic:

  • Zero maintenance.
  • 25-year guarantee.
  • Will never rot, split or splinter.
  • Resistant to UV-fading.
  • Towel-dries instantly for year-round use.
  • Thermal storage improves germination and frost-protection in raised beds.

Not only are our raised beds, composters and garden furniture durable and weatherproof outlasting their timber equivalents many times over they’re kind to the planet, too. Each item keeps the equivalent weight of UK waste plastic out of landfill, as well as preventing more virgin plastic from entering circulation. We’re reducing the UK’s waste mountain piece by piece and we’d love you to join us.

From waste…to wonderful.

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