Take advantage of our Mix & Match offer to give your playground a summer holiday refurb with our all-weather, recycled plastic furniture.

Our most recent Take 5 deal gives you the opportunity to combine any 5 benches, picnic tables or planters and the lowest-priced item is free. We want to make it easy and affordable for you to create accessible and inclusive playgrounds, so our Mix & Match option brings you the flexibility to meet the needs of all your students, whatever their physical ability.

Before we introduce you to our range of furniture, here’s 5 ways that our all-weather furniture can make a difference to your school:

  • It won’t absorb water – it towels dry instantly for year-round use and will never rot, split or splinter.
  • It’s chemically inert – so graffiti won’t stick and jetwashes off, easily. It means it’s also resistant to the growth of mould and algae.
  • It’s guaranteed for life – the worst thing about waste plastic (it lasts forever) is the best thing about recycled plastic. It’s the last playground furniture you’ll ever need to buy.
  • It needs no maintenance or treatment whatsoever – your caretaker can tick furniture maintenance off their list, forever!
  • Choose custom colourways – our rainbow mix is a classic, but you can choose your school/team colours, too. Zoning areas with tables of different colours is another great option. Our colours are UV-fade resistant, of course.

In addition, letters can be engraved on any slat you like, up to a maximum length of 1 metre. This gives you room for 20 large letters or 40 small. Our furniture is heavy and difficult to move, but if you want a little extra security, fixing kits are available for both hard and soft ground. If you want to take a look at our range of colours, check out the 40 picnic tables we recently installed at The Piece Hall, in Halifax.

Our range

Not an exhaustive list, by any means, but a good place to start for pieces of furniture that co-ordinate well.


The classic A-frame picnic table. 1.55m long, seats 4 comfortably. No frills, no maintenance, just solid lifetime service.

Denholme Picnic Tables in black engineered from British Recycled Plastic

Holmfirth Junior

A mini A-frame table, designed with the proportions of smaller children in mind. Generally suitable for kids under 8 years old, we’d recommend this for nursery and infant schools. If your school mixes infant and junior-aged students, we’d suggest the Denholme.

Holmfirth Junior Picnic Table in rainbow engineered from British Recycled Plastic


A wheelchair-accessible version of the Denholme with a cutout section for wheelchair-users to get right up to the table and enjoy the same view as everyone else. No more stiff necks from sitting sideways and plenty of space for footplates.

Bradshaw wheelchair-accessible Picnic Table engineered from British Recycled Plastic


Here, our A-frame has been inverted to create a V-frame so that users can walk right into their seat without the need to swing a leg over. Great for anyone who struggles with balance, stability or coordination.

Batley Walkthrough Picnic Table engineered from British Recycled Plastic


Our awesome A-frame activity tables. Choose from a variety of tabletop gaming designs – see the website for the full range. We offer a Junior version of the Otley, too.


The biggest of our picnic tables, offering seating for 8 users. For those who require a little extra support when sitting, the Calder is available with back rests, too – a great choice for any users needing to hang onto something as they move in and out of their seat.

Calder Picnic Table engineered from British Recycled Plastic

Buddy Bench

Designed to give kids who are feeling lonesome the chance to reach out, without the need to speak out. Based on the classic Harewood bench, our Buddy Bench comes in a set colourway (as per pictures), but if you’d like a different colourway, give us a shout (details below).

Buddy Bench engineered from British Recycled Plastic


A classic garden/park bench, the Holmfirth looks really striking with coloured slats on a black frame. A good choice for perimeter benches, pavilions and dugouts.

Harewood bench in red and black engineered from British Recycled Plastic


The Skipton has great modern lines and is a really smart piece. Slats are placed on their edges (rather than flat) to keep sitting water to a minimum, making it the perfect choice for locker rooms and poolside areas. Also available in a curved design.

Skipton bench in black, engineered from British Recycled Plastic


Planters have integral bases and are very heavy, making them different from raised beds. In an educational context, they’re well-suited for use as green screens/smog shields, but are also a great option if you want to delineate space, control the flow of pedestrian traffic, or screen off a car park.

Smog Shield planters in black engineered from British Recycled Plastic

How to buy

All schools and local authorities have access to 30 days’ payment terms, as usual. This Take 5 offer is not available via our webshop, so please drop us a line by phone or email (details below).

Don’t forget to check out whether any funding is available to help with your summer holiday refurb – you might be pleasantly surprised.

Get in touch

Our friendly and experienced staff are always here to help in any way we can. We can help you select the best deal for your site as well as answering any technical questions you might have. Give us a shout by phone or email:

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