Revisiting 10 Year Old Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables

Nearly ten years ago, these British Recycled Plastic picnic tables (and a bench) were installed in this rainy Yorkshire children’s park.

They haven’t been maintained at all in the intervening time, so let’s see how they have coped.

Recycling Wetherspoons Straws

In an effort to help reduce the amount of plastic going into landfill, major UK-based pub chain JD Wetherspoon recently decided to end the use of plastic straws across all of its sites. This left them with a problem though – what to do with all the unused straws left ion the warehouse? Landfill’s no good of course, so they gave them to us at British Recycled Plastic to remanufacture them into something more beneficial.

The First Stages of Recycling Plastic

There are a number of stages that plastic goes through before it can be delivered to you as a British Recycled Plastic picnic table, bench, plank, raised bed or other product.

Recycled Plastic Fishing Pegs

British Recycled Plastic supplied Slipper Bridge Angling Club in Gilberdyke with new fishing pegs. Club Secretary Andy Eccles explains why they chose recycled plastic lumber from us.

Why Buy Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables

Craig Whitnall, the Head of Operations for the award-winning Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire, explains why he keeps coming back to British Recycled Plastic whenever he needs more picnic tables.

Orange is the New Black

We have now added orange to the range of colours we can supply our recycled plastic in.

Hebden X-Grids at the Chelmer ByPass

Porous hard-standing grids from British Recycled Plastic being installed at this new by-pass near Chelmsford. They are being used to make areas for First Responders to park ready for action when needed.

Pathways using Hebden X-Grids

Made from British recycled plastic, the Hebden X-Grids provide a permeable paving solution instead of tarmac at this large kennels and vets in Suffolk. This allows any rain to return to the water table without the need for separate drains or problems with planning permission.

A Racehorse Walkway

This huge stud farm near Newmarket breeds and cares for racehorses worth millions of pounds.
They only use the best materials, hence this walkway of soft wood shavings is contained by our recycled plastic boards that with never decay, splinter, rot and, most importantly, create any risk to the horses.

Good Reasons

Some of the many reasons why we like our recycled plastic and why we think you’ll like it too.

Where does it come from?

Rot-proof and decay-proof British Recycled Plastic planks, furniture, bollards and raised beds come from somewhere, but where?

This is your answer.

Making Steps and Pathways

Rot-proof recycled plastic lumber planks have been used to create a low-maintenance pathway and steps in a damp nature reserve in Accrington, Lancashire. This video shows how containing the soil creates a solid, smooth and stable surface underfoot. This drastically reduces the need for maintenance but improving accessibility for users.

World’s First Recycled Plastic Bridge

This video shows the world’s very first recycled plastic bridge.

It was built by Professor Tom Nosker from Rutgers University and a team of volunteers in Wharton State Forest, New Jersey in around a week. This video was shot by our Director, Jason Elliott, on a visit to New Jersey to see their pioneering work.

Angling club with equal access

In this video we can see the work undertaken at Hodnet Angling Club to make their facilities fully accessible for all users.

They have installed Hebden X-Grids (Part M compliant) around part of the perimeter so wheelchairs can get around on the gravel without difficulty. Like many other angling clubs, they have used rot-proof recycled plastic planks to make their fishing pegs. In this case designed to be perfect for all anglers, with or without disabilities.

Recycled Plastic Permeable Car Park

This video shows the installation of our Hebden X-Grid permeable pavers being used as ground reinforcement in this visitor centre car park.

They are being used with both standard finishes, grass and gravel chippings.

Recycled Plastic Cycleway

It can get pretty damp in the West of Scotland, as you may know. Making a cycleway out of recycled plastic to enable cyclists to cross this boggy area was clearly the most sensible course of action, as you can see in this video.

Recycled plastic won’t rot or decay in even the dampest conditions. This makes it perfect for very wet environments like this.