Our Story

British Recycled Plastic was established in 2008, founded on a passion for creating useful products from waste plastic. We refuse to accept that waste plastic is merely an environmental enemy and believe that its worst quality – its longevity – can become its best element.

We have a simple mission – to Make Waste Wonderful.

We are an independently-owned British business based in Yorkshire. We supply high-quality, 100% recycled plastic outdoor furniture, landscaping and construction products for a wide range of organisations and households. All products are made from British waste and have a 25 year guarantee as well as being maintenance free. Our dedicated team of support specialists are on hand to help you with all projects, large or small.

Find out more below about the team and how recycled plastic products can help you.

A recycled plastic raised bed kit, available in various sizes through our webshop

People First

For us, it’s all about our customers and their needs. We are dedicated to collaborating with you to ensure your project is a success as well as helping make the world a more wonderful place. Our flexible and ethical approach ensures we are responsive to everybody’s needs, even if that means recommending another material more suitable than recycled plastic. We offer a full support service including technical advice.

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Environment & Sustainability

Our passion is protecting the environment. By diverting thousands of tonnes of waste plastic from landfill, we drive sustainable practice, ensuring circularity and reducing CO2 emissions. Our 25 year guarantee and the zero-maintenance requirement of our products reduce replacement and refurbishment needs, saving our customers money. Most UK waste is destined for export, but by manufacturing our products here in the UK, we positively influence local employment and reduce our impact on the environment. We do not export to anywhere outside of the UK as by doing that we would stifle other countries that are trying to develop their own efficient recycling development. Read more here.

A cyclist crossing a recycled plastic boardwalk with side rails over a bog in Scotland
Halifax recycled plastic bollards and sections of recycled plastic lumber palletised and ready for dispatch
The core of a recycled plastic bollard being routed out in preparation for a steel core to be fitted for a Morrison supermarket car park


We are committed to widening the market for recycled, environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional materials. We have an ongoing drive and desire to create new products and markets for plastic waste, to save it from landfill by offering a broad range of standard and bespoke products to suit your needs.

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Our Friendly and Trusted Team

Jason Elliot
Jason ElliotManaging Director
Jane Hurn
Jane HurnFinance Director
Adoniah Lewis
Adoniah LewisMarketing Executive
Kate Grant
Kate GrantCustomer Support
Beth Hall
Beth Hall Customer Support
Natalie McDonnell
Natalie McDonnellCustomer Support
Hannah Todd
Hannah ToddCustomer Support

Why Recycled Plastic?

Choosing our recycled plastic products provides both environmental and economic benefits to you and the world around you.

Our range is durable, weatherproof and requires zero maintenance. It’s a cost-effective solution to reduce the carbon footprint and total-life costs of any project.