How do I assemble the raised bed kits?2021-09-13T12:14:50+00:00

You can watch this instruction video and/or work through this instruction sheet:

Raised bed assembly instructions

Can I take my bench/table/furniture item apart and reassemble it?2021-06-23T09:42:30+00:00

No! If you try to undo any screws you are likely to either break them or strip the thread from the plastic. So make sure you assemble your furniture in the place you would like to use it.

Does recycled plastic decking warp in hot weather on a steel frame?2020-07-20T10:55:19+00:00

To correctly attach recycled plastic decking to something immobile like steel, the holes through which the fixings pass must be larger than the fixings themselves to allow for thermal expansion and contraction across the seasons. This is dealt with by using large headed bolts or screws so there is no visible difference and the planks will neither warp nor buckle. While the following page deals with issues than can occur with incorrect fencing installations, much of it will be relevant to decking. https://britishrecycledplastic.co.uk/how-to-calculate-recycled-plastic-contraction-and-expansion/

Do you have payment terms available?2021-05-24T09:43:36+00:00

We offer 30 day payment terms for all publicly funded bodies such as councils, schools and government departments. In addition to this, we also offer the same terms to academies and national charities. Please get in touch if you are not sure if your organisation is eligible.

Do your products have a guarantee?2020-01-06T16:38:47+00:00

Yes we do. All of our components have a 25 year guarantee, as do any factory-assembled products.

Do your tables come with parasol holes?2019-07-01T10:16:59+00:00

Yes they do.  If you don’t require a hole, let us know.

Can I supply you with waste plastic for recycling?2019-06-27T15:40:41+00:00

Whilst the national system for recycling is in desperate need of reform and investment, the best way to dispose of plastic items which you no longer need is to take them to your local authority for recycling.  To ensure the integrity of our products we apply very strict criteria to the raw plastic materials used in the production process therefore we do not accept donations of plastic from the general public.

Up to what gradient can I use Hebden grids on?2015-01-19T14:18:21+00:00

Hebden grids can be used on gradients up to 1 in 10 if being driven over, although they will need pegging down at over 1 in 20.

Are there any special discounts for schools?2020-02-27T09:35:50+00:00

Not exclusively for schools, but created with them in mind, we offer discounts on orders of 5 or more on all furniture and planters. Sometimes there are also other “school focused” special offers too.

Can you come and talk to my school about recycling?2011-08-05T09:33:16+00:00

We recognise the importance of early education about the importance of recycling if we, as a society, are to change the way we look at rubbish and stop treating it as though it is someone else’s problem.

However, we are unable at this time to give talks to schools on recycling, although most local councils usually have a recycling officer who will be happy to arrange something.

Can my school visit the recycling factory?2021-05-24T09:44:31+00:00

British Recycled Plastic uses three different factories in the UK, each a specialist in producing one or more of our products. Currently none are open to school visits.

As with all industrial locations, there are health and safety implications for groups of children where heavy machinery is operating and each factory has varying capacity to accept visits.

Do I need to pin the Hebden grids down?2011-08-05T09:31:03+00:00

If the Hebden grids are laid on a slope of more than 1 in 20 it is advisable to pin the top edge at a rate of one stake per tile. If the slope is quite pronounced, you may wish to pin the sides too.

Can I lay turf on top of the Hebden ecopaving?2011-08-05T09:30:18+00:00

Unfortunately this is a common misconception, (although the hungry sales teams of some of our competitors try and lead their customers down this blind alley.)

Whilst it may be technically possible to use the Hebden grids like a “cake cutter” to slice through turf, it would require huge pressure, the like of which could only be applied by a heavy duty ground roller similar to those used by road laying teams.

We have tried to push it through, hit it with a mallet, and even drive over it, but the intermingling of the root network on any well grown slab of turf makes this all but impossible.

Another issue with adding turf in this way is the potential for voids, or pockets of air, between the bottom of the turf and the substrate below, ultimately killing the grass.

It’s best not do it.

Can the Hebden paving grids be laid by unskilled people?2018-10-30T12:24:54+00:00

Once the base or substrate has been laid, any reasonably healthy adult (or teenager for that matter) can lay the Hebden grids at a rate of around 100m2 per hour.

There isn’t any great need for skill.

What types of vehicle can drive on the Hebden grids?2018-10-30T12:25:40+00:00

With a maximum capacity of over 320 tons per square metre, almost any road-legal vehicle can drive over the Hebden ecopaving grids.

Notwithstanding, an appropriate substrate should be put down beneath the pavers, suitable to carry the weight of the type of vehicle that will be using it.

This should be the same depth as it would if tarmac or block paving was the final layer.

Does water damage your products?2016-12-28T17:46:19+00:00

Not at all.

They are all able to resist water indefinitely.

They are also salt resistant so they will survive in coastal environments without any notable degradation, regardless of the severity of the weather.

How do I maintain your products?2011-08-05T09:22:54+00:00

There’s not much to it really…

Give them a wipe if they get very dirty.

That’s about it.

There’s no need for chemical preservatives, treatment, painting or anything else.

Can your furniture be vandalised?2011-08-05T09:20:07+00:00

All of the LCP products are extremely difficult to vandalise.

There are several reasons for this:

  • the plastic used in the furniture is chemically inert, making it virtually impossible for grafitti from paint or magic markers to adhere to. If a vandal sprays paint on a bench, for example, it can be wiped clean afterwards.
  • the recycled plastic furniture is also very heavy, making moving it a very unattractive proposition to the casual vandal.
  • our recycled mixed plastic does not chip, split or splinter and it is impossible to cut with a knife.
Is your furniture flammable?2020-02-06T16:06:34+00:00

Yes it is. If it has a flame maintained against it, it will eventually catch fire and burn like wood. While we appreciate that this isn’t what everyone would like, it is essential to the overall sustainability of our recycled plastic as adding a fire retardant would mean that it could not melt and therefore be subsequently recycled at the end of its life.
(As per the criteria of UL94 horizontal burn test, our recycled plastic has been classified as HB, which is an equivalent of BS EN 60695-11-10:- Part 11-10: Test flames — 50 W horizontal and vertical flame test methods.)

What goes into the plastic furniture and lumber?2016-12-28T17:46:19+00:00

A wide variety of plastic products from computer cases and car bumpers to vegetable crates and bottle tops are all mixed together to give our plastic lumber its incredible strength.

For the scientifically minded, the actual types of plastic most commonly used in the mix are High Density Polyethylene , Low Density Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Acrylibutalstyrene, Polystyrene and Polythene.

These materials form 99% of the content. They are mixed with 1% masterbatch, for colour control, which is also made from entirely recycled material.

This means that the lumber profiles, Hebden 402 and furniture are all made from 100% recycled British waste.

Isn’t plastic bad for the environment?2011-08-05T09:18:11+00:00

The way it is normally used, yes, plastic is bad for the environment.

Unless its recycled, plastic is unsightly, can be fatally ingested by wildlife, can last in landfill for, potentially, centuries, and in the case of some kinds of PVC in particular, can leach harmful chemicals into the ecosystem.

This is why it is vital that all of us look for ways to keep recycling the existing plastic that is already in circulation rather than just casually throwing it away and pretending that it’s someone else’s problem.

Here at Low Carbon Products, we take advantage of this “pervasiveness in the environment” to provide a range of ultra-tough, maintenance-free products that keep society’s plastic out of landfill and put to good use.

Can I work for you?2011-08-05T09:09:35+00:00

Sorry. We currently have no vacancies.

Are your products recyclable?2011-08-05T09:08:42+00:00

We are pleased to say that all of our products are completely recyclable.

Even the fixings and plaques are made of stainless steel and so can be recycled too.

Can you sell our products?2016-12-28T17:46:19+00:00

If you manufacture a landscaping or construction product from British waste in the UK, we would be delighted to consider adding it to our roster.

Please bear in mind that our client base consists mainly of local authorities, government departments, schools, large businesses and the construction sector so ask yourself if it’s something they would want first.

If you think your product fits our criteria then please get in touch, in the first instance by emailing information to [email protected]

Can you design a product for me?2011-08-05T09:07:03+00:00

We do not design products for other people unfortunately.

However, there are many good specialist freelance designers in most areas that can be found on Google.

How long does it take to deliver your products?2021-06-25T13:01:41+00:00

Our standard lead time from order to delivery is 20 working days. Regrettably, sometimes it can be longer at busy times.

However, benches, seats, Hebden X-Grids and black lumber can often be turned around in less time at quiet periods in the year.

We always confirm the delivery date when we receive the order.

If you have already paid via the web shop and you feel that the wait is to long when you receive your delivery confirmation, we will happily refund you within 2 working days.

Can I pay by credit card?2020-01-06T16:48:20+00:00

Certainly! There is a Pay Now button on your invoice which leads you to our secure WorldPay payment portal. If you’d prefer to pay by BACS, with a card down the phone or by cheque, all of these options are available too.

Are there any discounts available?2016-12-28T17:46:19+00:00

All of our products are as keenly priced as possible to help stimulate demand and educate the market about the benefits, both environmental and economic, of using recycled materials.

This makes it difficult to reduce our prices beyond those published on this website. However, where large quantities are involved, we are happy to discuss the possibilities.

The only exception to this is for schools that are members of the Eco Schools programme who are entitled to automatic discount of 10% on all our products.

Can you test our materials or products?2011-08-05T09:03:45+00:00

We do not offer a testing service, however, you may like to try Artis.

Artis is an advanced laboratory supporting the innovation, development and testing needs of the European Polymer Industry.

Their team of skilled engineers and scientists can offer advice and have a comprehensive range of equipment to cover the physical, mechanical, and chemical evaluation of many materials, in particular they are experts in elastomer compounds.

Have a look at their website here.

Can you take our plastic waste?2018-07-24T13:38:31+00:00

No, we already have established supply lines.

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