British Recycled Plastic – Trusted by Highways Departments and Services

Our British-made products are durable, economical and sustainable – that’s why they’re being chosen by highways departments and motorway service providers up and down the UK. We’re able to provide accurate life cycle analysis for embedded carbon – a key factor when costing large projects and often an essential element of supplier approval protocols. 

We have several recycled plastic products of interest to the UK’s highways departments and motorway services, all of which can improve the sustainability of our country’s motorways and major roads.

Products for highways and services

Hebden X Grids used in a layby - recycled plastic for highways Our X-Grid permeable paving is an excellent choice for lay-bys and carparks, providing an incredibly strong surface for heavy vehicles to drive and park on, as well as mitigating and alleviating surface flooding. The grids are SUDS-approved and can be filled with 14-20mm angular chippings, which provide a stable surface and are big enough to avoid migration into the tyre tread of large vehicles. They can also be backfilled with topsoil and grass seed for a lawned finish. They’re safe to use on gradients of up to 1 in 10 and do not require pegging below 1 in 20. X-Grids are also Part M-approved and can be used for the provision of wheelchair-friendly public access pathways.

a recycled plastic fence 9

Recycled plastic planks are the perfect material for fencing alongside highways, offering many advantages over timber. It will never rot, split or splinter, reducing refurbishment and replacement to zero. 

It requires no maintenance whatsoever, further reducing your total-life costs. It’s completely weatherproof and will withstand any and all weather conditions. Because it’s chemically inert, graffiti won’t adhere to it; although a thin layer of paint may settle on the surface, it will jet wash off with ease. In addition, our recycled plastic fencing posts and planks carry a reassuring 25-year guarantee, although we expect them to last far longer with a lifespan stretching into many decades.

For motorway service providers, our picnic tables and benches offer the perfect sustainable solution for rest areas – durable, comfortable and weatherproof furniture for motorists who need to take a break. Our range includes a number of accessible picnic tables, as well as junior-sized tables and even activity tables for a bit of added entertainment. We also supply litter bins, as well as heavyweight planters – an aesthetically pleasing alternative to bollards for broad pathways and plazas. Planters are a great way to soften the look of your site, absorb some of the harmful carbon dioxide in car parking areas and encourage biodiversity. Fixing kits for both hard and soft ground are available for additional security.

Sustainable highways

The principles of sustainability are embedded in every stage of our operation and our commitment to sustainable production far exceeds that of many other retailers. Our permeable paving grids, lumber posts, planks and boards – as well as our picnic tables, benches and planters – are recycled exclusively from UK-sourced waste plastic, directly intercepting its journey to landfill. Unless otherwise specified, the majority of our products are delivered semi-assembled, ensuring maximum value for money with minimal carbon footprint.

Denholme picnic tables in a rest area - recycled plastic for highways
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We work only with UK partners and third parties, and our products are processed and distributed solely within the UK, ensuring that our business prioritises and supports investment in the British economy. A full life cycle analysis is available to show embodied carbon; the results show that 66% less carbon is emitted by our products than by virgin resin. It’s more difficult to get accurate figures comparing our plastic to timber, as there are too many variables at work, but it’s fair to say that some commercially grown softwood has an outdoor lifespan of as little as five years. When compared to the 25-year guarantee that all our maintenance-free products carry, the benefits are clear.

Payment terms are available for all publicly funded bodies.