Why Recycled Picnic Tables Are the Perfect Choice for Schools!

When it comes to outfitting school outdoor spaces, there’s a smart choice that’s gaining popularity for all the right reasons – recycled plastic picnic tables. These eco-friendly, low-maintenance, and vandal-resistant picnic tables are becoming a staple for schools looking to create inviting and durable outdoor seating areas. In this blog, we’ll explore why recycled picnic tables are the perfect solution for schools and highlight a special sale that can give you savings – when you buy 4 tables.

Low Maintenance, High Durability

Recycled plastic picnic tables are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use with minimal upkeep. Unlike traditional wood tables that require regular staining and sealing, recycled picnic tables are virtually maintenance-free. They are impervious to moisture, rot, and insects, ensuring they stay in great condition for years. Schools can save both time and money on maintenance, allowing resources to be directed towards educational priorities.

Vandal Resistant:

Schools can sometimes face issues with vandalism, but recycled picnic tables are up to the challenge. Their sturdy construction and vandal-resistant properties make them a practical choice for outdoor areas. Graffiti can be easily removed from the smooth, non-porous surface, and the tables are difficult to damage, providing peace of mind for school administrators.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Recycled plastic picnic tables are not only practical but also environmentally responsible. They are made from recycled materials, contributing to the reduction of plastic waste. By choosing recycled plastic furniture, schools can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and responsible resource use. It’s a valuable lesson for students about the importance of recycling and protecting the environment.

Safe and Kid-Friendly

Safety is paramount in school environments, and recycled plastic picnic tables meet stringent safety standards. They are free from splinters, sharp edges, and protruding nails or screws, making them safe for children to use. Plus, their stable construction ensures a secure seating option for students.

Special Sale: Buy 4 Get 5!

Recycled plastic picnic tables are more than just functional outdoor furniture; they are an investment in your school’s future. By choosing these tables, you’re providing a safe, low-maintenance, and eco-friendly seating solution for your students and staff. Plus, with our buy 4 get 1 free offer, it’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

Transform your school’s outdoor areas with recycled plastic picnic tables – the smart choice for schools that care about durability, sustainability, and savings. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer to create a more inviting and eco-conscious school environment. Contact us today to place your order and take advantage of this fantastic deal.

At British Recycled Plastic, we take pride in providing picnic tables that contribute to a greener planet while enhancing your outdoor spaces. Explore our collection today and experience our high level of customer service.