Looking for recycled plastic planks?

Recycled plastic lumber planks (or recycled plastic wood as it is sometimes also, incorrectly, known) is the basic material from which much of the British Recycled Plastic range of environmentally friendly maintenance free furniture and sustainable construction products are made.

Benches and seats

Recycled plastic lumber planks as an alternative to wood

Our range of recycled plastic lumber is rot proof, impact resistant, algae and moss resistant as the profiles have a skin that paint cannot penetrate while graffiti can simply be wiped clean.

Designed as an alternative to traditional construction materials, recycled plastic planks are impervious to water, do not rot, split or splinter, and allow for the easy and quick construction of fences, revetments, boardwalks, steps and pontoons, to name but a few applications. This also makes it the ideal material for areas subject to flooding or standing water.

Recycled plastic sleepers
Recycled plastic planks waiting for dispatch

British Recycled Plastic offer an extensive range of recycled plastic lumber planks of all sizes, along with decking boards and other profiles designed for civil engineering.

Coupled with the major positive environmental benefits, recycled plastic lumber planks can be used for many applications traditionally solved using timber, concrete or metals.

It provides an economical and environmentally sustainable alternative to these materials, lowering the carbon footprint of construction projects compared to many traditional solutions.

Please click here to take a moment to familiarise yourself with expansion and contraction differences compared to wood.

Current plank and post sizes available

Round Posts

ROU001  – Round Lumber  – 60mm Diameter x 3100mm – 200 on 3 pallet spaces –  7.65kg
ROU002 – Round Lumber – 80mm Diameter x 3100mm – 100 on 3 pallet spaces – 13.39kg
ROU003 – Round Lumber 100mm Diameter x 3100mm – 70 on 3 pallet spaces – 20.25kg
ROU004 – Round Lumber 120mm Diameter x 3100mm – 50 on 3 pallet spaces – 30.62kg
ROU006 – Round Lumber Post 80mm Diameter x 1750mm with Point – 100 on 3 pallet spaces

Square Posts

RPL100 – Square Profile 38mm x 38mm x 3100mm Black 300 on 3 pallet spaces 3.91kg
RPL001 – Square Profile 50mm x 50mm x 3100mm Black 300 on 3 pallet spaces 6.77kg
RPL003 – Square Profile 75mm x 75mm x 3100mm Black 100 on 3 pallet spaces 15.5kg
RPL004 – Square Profile 80mm x 80mm x 3100mm Black 100 on 3 pallet spaces 17.41kg
RPL005 – Square Profile 100mm x 100mm x 3100mm Black 75 on 3 pallet spaces 27.09kg

Rectangular Planks

RPL005 V CUT – Square Profile 100mm x 100mm x 1500mm with V- CUT Ends Black 75 on 2 pallet spaces 27.09kg
RPL018 – Rectangle Profile 100mm x 30mm x 3100mm Black 200 on 3 pallet spaces 8.13kg
RPL020 – Rectangle Profile 100mm x 40mm x 3100mm Black 200 on 3 pallet spaces 10.84kg
RPL022 – Rectangle Profile 100mm x 50mm x 3100mm Black 150 on 3 pallet spaces 13.54kg
RPL023 – Rectangle Profile 120mm x 50mm x 3100mm Black 120 on 3 pallet spaces 16.25kg
RPL019 – Rectangle Profile 150mm x 30mm x 3100mm Black 150 on 3 pallet spaces 12.19kg
RPL024 – Rectangle Profile 150mm x 75mm x 3100mm Black 50 on 3 pallet spaces 30.49kg
RPL025 – Rectangle Profile 220mm x 75mm x 3100mm Black 40 on 3 pallet spaces 45.71kg
RPLCOL02BLUE – Rectangle profile 18mm x 140mm x 3200mm Blue 200 on 3 pallet spaces 5.64kg
RPLCOL02LIME – Rectangle profile 18mm x 140mm x 3200mm Forest 200 on 3 pallet spaces 5.64kg
RPLCOL02RED – Rectangle profile 18mm x 140mm x 3200mm Red 200 on 3 pallet spaces 5.64kg
RPLCOLBLUE – Rectangle profile 38mm x 90mm x 3200mm Blue 200 on 3 pallet spaces 15.90kg
RPLCOLFOREST – Rectangle profile 38mm x 90mm x 3200mm Forest Green 200 on 3 pallet spaces 15.90kg
RPLCOLLIME – Rectangle profile 38mm x 90mm x 3200mm Lime 200 on 3 pallet spaces 15.90kg
RPLCOLORANGE – Rectangle profile 38mm x 90mm x 3200mm Orange 200 on 3 pallet spaces 15.90kg
RPLCOLPINK – Rectangle profile 38mm x 90mm x 3200mm Pink 200 on 3 pallet spaces 15.90kg
RPLCOLPURPLE – Rectangle profile 38mm x 90mm x 3200mm Purple 200 on 3 pallet spaces 15.90kg
RPLCOLRED – Rectangle profile 38mm x 90mm x 3200mm Red 200 on 3 pallet spaces 15.90kg


DECK001 Decking 150mm x 40 x 3150mm Black 120 on 3 pallet spaces 16.22kg

Some of the ways our customers have used recycled plastic planks…

This customer decided to concentrate on future proofing their investment when refurbishing the fixtures of their nursery and farm shop.  As a business with a strong focus on sustainability, they naturally chose recycled plastic to replace rotting wooden platforms.

The refurbishment process gave our client the opportunity to re-think their requirements.  Instead of replacing their tables like for like, they moved towards a  modular, flexible system using custom cut lumber which allowed them to build units that can be dismantled and moved as the growing business requires.

Colourful bedding plants displayed on recycled plastic tables at Greensleeves Nursery.

Building raised beds using recycled plastic planks

Although we do supply flat packed kits for raised beds in predetermined sizes, this customer had specific requirements so opted for ordering the recycled plastic lumber planks necessary to do the job.

If you need our recycled plastic planks at other lengths, less than the standard 3.1 metres, it can sometimes be more convenient for us to pre-cut them in the workshop before dispatch for you. There is a 60p cutting charge per plank, but if this means that the planks are reduced to less than 2.4 metres, this means you will save money on transport as they can be shipped on two pallets (1000mm x 1200mm each) rather than three.

It is a case of sitting down and working it out.

If in doubt, just send us a lumber list and we will send you a quote based on this.

Absolutely perfect for marine environments due to being completely non-absorbent, this customer, a rowing club, decided to wisely use our recycled plastic planks to create an additional landing stage for their boats on the river.

They have a large, purpose build landing stage outside the clubhouse but needed something they could install and forget until they needed it for busy weekends to get rowers into the water faster.

A landing stage for a rowing club made using waterproof recycled plastic planks
Interconnected boxes made from recycled plastic planks to build steps on a coastal path

Of all of the uses for our recycled plastic planks that we’ve seen over the years, this remains one of our favourites.

Faced with the constant erosion of the coastal path along the the North Sea,  the Council of the East Riding of Yorkshire enlisted the help of their local conservation trust to build something a bit more permanent but that would also have a low impact on the environment.

Read more here about how some of the volunteers then constructed 90 frames offsite in a workshop before bringing them out to Flamborough where they were fitted together to make long lasting steps.

Taking advantage of the great strength and 100% waterproof properties of recycled plastic, this canal trust build both lock gates and the retractable paddles out of recycled plastic for use in this canal near Stroud. Using recycled plastic means that these locks should remain free from any maintenance for decades as the material will not rot, split or decay in any way.

Lead engineer, Ron, from Cotswold Canals Trust praised the material’s robustness but recommended that all fixings used are stainless steel.

You can watch a chat with him here.

Recycled plastic lock gate paddles

Features & Benefits

  • Reduction of energy consumption by 66%
  • Production of only a third of the sulphur dioxide
  • Production of only half of the nitrous oxide

  • Reduction of water usage by nearly 90%
  • Reduction of carbon dioxide generation by two-and-a-half times
  • 1.8T of oil saved for every tonne of recycled polythene produced
  • Reduces the carbon footprint of any project
  • Lasts 5 times longer than timber
  • Rot and algae proof
  • Crack, chip and splinter proof
  • Insect and animal resistant
  • Non slip & UV resistant
  • Vandal Resistant
  • Less flammable than timber
  • Easy to clean & maintain
  • Can be worked like timber
  • Holds screws and fittings well
  • Reduced Whole Life Costs
  • Diverting Material from Landfill
  • Labour saving – minimal maintenance

FAQs about recycled plastic lumber planks and posts

Once it’s been delivered, how do I store lumber before I start working with it?
Recycled plastic lumber should always be stored laid flat on delivery, until you start work on it.

Can the recycled plastic lumber be worked like wood?
In many scenarios, recycled plastic lumber can be worked like hardwood, however it is worth noting that it should never be cut lengthwise.  This is to do with differing tensions between the “skin” of the recycled plastic and the inside. Nor should deep notches over 50% of the width of the plank be cut into it.  Cutting a notch into a lumber plank weakens it as would be the case with timber.  Therefore if notched planks are integral to your design, we suggest this is only as part of a finished product which remains static, ie. not something which is regularly moved or dismantled.

Will they ever get splinters or crack or rot?
They will never splinter or crack or rot if worked correctly.

How do I clean lumber?
You can give them the occasional wipe down with a damp cloth or blast them with a jet wash once a year to get rid of things like tree sap.

What kind of plastic are they made from?
A mix of polyolefins; mainly HDPE and LDPE from most of the waste plastic produced by Western Scotland’s farming community. Typically this would be hay bale wrapping, silage wrapping, crates and packaging.

How long does lumber last and do you offer a guarantee?
We’re not sure quite how long it lasts, but probably around 100 years. All that is bad about plastic lasting a very long time is also good about plastic lasting a very long time. If the lumber is treated properly we are happy to guarantee it from manufacturing defects or issues for 25 years.