Have you ever wondered just how much the power of community can achieve? Get yourself to Driffield to see what can be done.

Driffield is a small market town in the East Riding of Yorkshire, not far from the popular tourist resorts of Bridlington and Hornsea. Driffield Beck runs though the town, toward the River Hull. It’s an unassuming but important watercourse which is the northernmost chalk stream in England and one of the most northern in Europe. The Beck is acknowledged as an important habitat and conservation area. The water and the area of parkland in which it sits are home to diverse species of wildlife, from kingfishers and egrets to brown trout and grayling.

People power at work

Also in Driffield, is Darren Baker, a man who considers himself so much a part of the area that he says if you sliced him in half, you’d find him chockfull of the hometown he clearly loves so much. Darren has been an active volunteer in a number of community projects in Driffield, one of which was litter-picking in the Beck. Once he and other volunteers had collected their 1,000th bag of litter, he decided it was time to expand the vision for the park and founded Friends of the Beck, Driffield, in 2017. Like so many projects, they started small. Darren, a few friends and his team of carers (Darren’s a quadriplegic wheelchair-user, following a car accident in his youth) each chucked in £50 to cover the public liability insurance they’d need to officially begin work. By 2020, they’d secured grants from donors such as East Riding Council, Horace Taylor Trust and Tesco and fund-matched these with their own charity events. Their hard work paid off and with £30,000 in the bank, they started to plan works. Today, a team of around a dozen active volunteers continue work. Darren – at a mere 47 years of age – is one of the youngest, whilst their eldest is an 82 year old retired policeman.

Darren and Red supervising works on the banks of the Beck

Driffield Beck redevelopment project

Darren is not a man who thinks small, it must be said. The first job – completed by local groundworkers, Kent Worx – was to lay foundations for the gabion baskets which now reinforce the banks of the Beck. This is big, structural work and a far cry from rescuing crisp bags from the pathways and banks. Groundworks currently continue ashore, with the creation of a seating/viewing area, and coming soon, a large planter, engineered from British Recycled Plastic with the help of Men In Sheds, another example of community power in action. This project provides opportunities for (mostly retired) tradesmen and craftsmen to share their skills within their local community, fostering new friendships and combatting isolation and loneliness.

Workshop of Men In Sheds, Driffield

For their part in the Driffield project, their first in East Yorkshire, Men In Sheds have been provided with some local workshop space by the Environment Agency, in which they are currently building the aforementioned planter. Next on the list is more fundraising, this time to pay for the 20 tonnes of topsoil required to fill the planter, for which Kent Worx have kindly volunteered their time.

Plans for the planter to be built from British Recycled Plastic

The British Recycled Plastic planter will never rot or need any maintenance and it will stand for decades. Friends of the Beck have chosen to use stainless steel fixings to ensure their ironmongery doesn’t end up being the weak point of their structure, so they can relax and enjoy the flowers for many years to come. Men In Sheds say that British Recycled Plastic planks and posts have been a fantastic product to work with and we hope to get some more working tips and feedback from them when we visit the site in the next few months.

British Recycled Plastic cut and ready to use 02

As you’ll have gathered by now, this entire project – though imagined and instigated by the powerhouse that is Darren Baker – has been achieved by an extraordinary level of community support and co-operation. So many volunteers and organisations have contributed time, money and hard work to completely transform Driffield Beck and work continues apace. Ultimately though, the project is driven by Darren and earlier this year, his hard work was recognised when he was honoured with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Chairman’s Award. He was up against some stiff competition and to say he was surprised when Claire Frisby of BBC Look North announced him as the winner of his category, would be an understatement. COVID restrictions have denied him the opportunity of a gala celebration, but the presentation was duly made in Darren’s front garden, flanked by the kingfisher logo of the Friends of the Beck, designed by Darren’s artist mother, Irene.

Darren being presented with his Chairman's Award

Many congratulations to you, Darren. Your honour is well-deserved and your work at Driffield Beck is an absolute inspiration. We look forward to visiting, meeting you and your gang in person and seeing for ourselves the beauty of Driffield Beck.

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Credit for all images to Darren Baker and Friends of the Beck, Driffield.