Huw Richards recycled plastic raised beds update

Early shoots for Huw’s Nursery

It’s always a pleasure to hear from Welsh wonderboy and Titchmarsh-for-the-Twitter-generation Huw Richards, and this week he kindly dropped us a line to show us just it’s all grow at Huw’s Nursery! Huw used our recycled plastic lumber to build himself some fantastic raised beds, and from that photo it looks as though they’re being put to expert use, wouldn’t you agree? There are people who are understandably concerned about using plastic in place of traditional timber, with worries about chemicals leaching into the soil (hint: they don’t) but Huw’s spectacular success really demonstrates how our recycled plastic lumber is perfect for the plants as well as being incredibly long-lasting. Barring a meteor strike, Huw’s ancestors should still be growing veg in the same beds!

We think Huw’s project is really inspirational and love following his Youtube videos – if you haven’t seen them have a look at this:

If you’d like more information…

You can also follow Huw’s Instagram here – we recommend it for all the truly inspiring advice and information he shares daily, perfect for anyone looking to make a start on their own patch however big or small.

If your appetite for growing your own in some of our lifetime-guaranteed recycled plastic raised beds has been whetted by all of this green and pleasant splendour, you can find more info about them here. We don’t sell ducks yet though, sorry.