We always love to see communities coming together to build themselves nice things, and so we were delighted when Southport Fly Fishing Club sent us these pictures of their major work in progress. They’re using our recycled plastic lumber to build scaffolding-based fishing platforms around their newly-dug lake, and it seems they’re going great guns.

Southport Fly Fishers Scaffolding base

Southport Fly Fishers Lake and the first scaffolding base

Martin Grimshaw at the club said ‘we have a requirement from the planners to use materials that blend well with the surrounding landscape, so we decided on brown recycled plastic. It looks similar enough to timber that you’d have to get on your hands and knees to see that it isn’t, and of course it’ll never need replacing due to rot, a real bonus when you’re building over water.’

Southport Fly Fishers working party first pieces

Southport Fly Fishers working party first pieces


The weatherproof quality of recycled plastic lumber is often cited by our customers as one of its major benefits. In everyday use there’s no real difference between timber and plastic for most of these types of purposes, but it’s over time that plastic really proves its worth.

Southport Fly Fishers wide view of working party

Southport Fly Fishers wide view of working party

Some future costs aren’t obvious at first, like the country park who called us to replace their wooden piers and boardwalks with plastic because in the time that the timber had taken to rot, the surrounding trees and vegetation had matured to the point that it was now a major – and expensive – job to get in and out. When first installed, the timber had been cheap enough but the huge difficulty of replacing it all meant that a more permanent solution made far more sense even if the initial cost of plastic is a bit higher. These problems are most obvious in wet environments like this of course.

Southport Fly Fishers Working party fitting lumber to base

Southport Fly Fishers Working party fitting lumber to the base

It looks as though their lake is going to be a beautiful place for the members and their descendents to enjoy for decades to come, congratulations to all concerned on a major project that will really benefit the area for the foreseeable future. You can get involved with them through https://www.sdaa.org.uk/.

Southport Fly Fishers Pier

One of the finished articles.

If any of this has inspired you to build your own platforms or decking or boardwalks, you can find more information about our recycled plastic lumber here and a price list here. Drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to quote for whatever you’re planning.