We’re delighted to announce that we will be showcasing our new range of British Recycled Plastic products at FutureScape Exhibition Show on Stand M10 from Nov 21-22 at the Excel in London.

The two-day event features informative seminars and practical business advice, fostering collaboration and idea-sharing within the landscaping community. It serves as a comprehensive showcase for every aspect of landscaping, bringing together various segments of the industry in one place. With a focus on celebrating the UK’s landscaping expertise, attendees can explore the latest products, materials, technologies, and services while making valuable connections, regardless of the size or nature of their landscaping ventures. 

With a growing focus on sustainability within the landscaping community, we will be on site to discuss how our 100% recycled plastic products can be utilised to create environmentally friendly, usable green spaces. As well as being able to see our range of products first-hand, you can also use our 3D mini parklet models to design your very own parklet setup, and ask us any questions you may have about how British Recycled Plastic can fit into your urban landscaping plans.


Sustainability: The Future of Urban Landscape Planning

Urbanisation has progressed at a rapid rate in recent decades.  As a result, we have vibrant metropolises with limited green spaces, and this has caused an array of environmental issues such as increased air pollution and an ongoing decline in biodiversity. Whilst our cities offer numerous social and economic benefits, the need to offset the damaging environmental effects caused by ongoing urban expansion is becoming increasingly vital. To address these challenges and work towards a more sustainable future, councils across the UK are implementing necessary strategies to achieve their net-zero aims, and a key part of this is reintroducing nature and greenspace into the urban environment. This commitment to create environmentally friendly urban spaces is becoming increasingly popular, and is shared amongst policymakers, businesses and residents.


British Recycled Plastic: A Sustainable Option to use in Urban Landscaping

Our 100% recycled plastic planters and benches offer an ideal option when it comes to sustainable urban landscaping for multiple reasons. The longevity of plastic is often only viewed in a negative light as it does not degrade over time and is therefore polluting the ocean and natural habitats. By recycling this plastic into our robust products that will stand the test of time, we’re able to offer a sustainable upgrade to more traditional materials which require upkeep and eventual replacement. Choosing British Recycled Plastic is therefore a low-carbon, environmentally friendly choice that contributes to waste reduction.  

As well as being a clear winner when it comes to sustainability, our products are also designed with both accessibility and adaptability in mind. From our wheelchair accessible picnic tables to our modular planters and benches, our products can be utilised in various ways to best suit the space and meet the needs of those using them. In Nottingham’s Moveable Feast Project, our modular planters and benches were constructed to create a sustainable oasis within the city, with pockets of nature amongst accessible seating and pedestrianised open space. 


As we continue to see a shift towards creating sustainable and usable spaces within the landscaping community, it’s important to continue an open dialogue and collaborative approach when it comes to how best to achieve these aims. We look forward to continuing this conversation at FutureScape 2023 and showcasing how our British Recycled Plastic products can be utilised to create sustainable urban landscapes.