We love a nature reserve here in the BRP treehouse. When it comes to locations for furniture made from recycled plastic, it’s hard to think of any more ideal than the reserves we humans set aside as green spaces.

One major consideration that’s easy to overlook when thinking about installing decking, furniture, fishing platforms etc, is that the vegetation around them won’t stand still. It isn’t an obvious consideration to take into account but the replacement of boardwalks, bird-watching hides, even benches and tables, can often be much more difficult and expensive than the original installation, simply because of the growth of the surrounding trees and vegetation in the years since the facility was first placed. We’ve spoken to park rangers who have had to cut down large, mature trees to provide access to diggers because their old structures needed to be replaced purely because of the passage of time.

It’s applications like these where recycled plastic really comes into its own – barring determined vandalism and meteor strikes, the lifespan of recycled plastic lumber structures can be counted in decades, perhaps even centuries. Impervious to moisture, rot and weathering, outdoor furniture can be installed which may be expected to still be in use generations later.

Chelmsford 1, 2, 3 benches.

All these thoughts must have been in the minds of the Friends of Marconi Ponds Nature Reserve, Chelmsford, when they decided to fettle their footpaths with some new seating. They asked Lyn McLay-Kidd at Chelmsford City Council for some help and she came to us for one of each of our Todmorden, Skipton Curve and Harewood benches to place around their beautiful woods.


Visitors can enjoy the a rest by the beautiful views of Marconi Ponds

Visitors can enjoy the a rest by the beautiful views of Marconi Ponds

Graeme Jefferies of the Friends had this to say; “We as the friends group for the site took delivery and assembled the benches and placed them in the appropriate areas. The benches arrived in good condition and were easy to build as long as you read the instructions. (men always forget to read instructions) They are nice and heavy and the ground fitting kit worked well. We hopefully will be able to purchase a couple more in the near future.”

What a lovely resource for the people of Chelmsford – we hope they enjoy their beautiful nature reserve for generations to come.

If all of this has got you thinking about what you might do with some recycled plastic seating, you can find our full range here. We look forward to hearing from you.