Scotland’s a beautiful country. Lochs and mountains and beaches abound, and when the sun is shining there are few more splendid parts of the world to sit and watch the world go by. Having said all that, February is… well… not usually Scotland’s finest hour and sitting can be ill-advised unless equipped with a hot water bottle. We here in the BRP snug know only too well how the skies of the northern UK can remain obstinately grey for weeks on end this time of year, and Chapelhall Primary School near Airdrie is even further north than our Yorkshire base.

A Splash of Colour

All of which makes rainbow-coloured picnic tables the obvious choice for Chapelhall. A splash of colour can really lift even the greyest Caledonian February day, and we know the kids love them too. Linda Baillie, who ordered the tables, said “the students have really made great use of the new tables since we installed them, and it’s great to know they’ll be with us long after this current intake have left us.”

A wider shot of Chapelhall Primary's new picnic tables.

Brightly-coloured lumber is quite a bit more difficult to make from recycled plastic than our ubiquitous black and brown, and this translates into slightly higher costs to make furniture from it, but it’s easy to see the value when it’s installed in places like Chapelhall. We hope their colourful new meeting-place.

If all of this has got you thinking about what you’d do with some cheerily-coloured recycled plastic furniture than never rots or splinters, drop us a line on Freephone 0808 281 2929 or email [email protected] for a quote. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.