Hebden X Grid


Note: price per sqm is £11.11 (VAT excl)

Grids for ground reinforcement, driveways and pathways which can prevent and alleviate surface pooling and flooding: approved SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System)


  • Grids are engineered from 100% recycled plastic.
  • Can prevent slippage and erosion.
  • Flood prevention:
    • Approved as a SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System).
  • Suitable for public wheelchair-access, Part M approved.
  • Use anywhere you regularly backfill with hardcore.
    • Off-road car tyre tracks.
    • Paths, stiles and gateways taking heavy footfall.
    • Gateways being churned by livestock.


Our Hebden X Grids are made from solid, 100% recycled plastic and are delivered clipped together in sections of one square metre.

Minimum order of 25sqm, delivered within 5 working days, with 50sqm carried per pallet space.

If you represent a school, a public sector organisation or a large charity like the National Trust and would like to pay by invoice, please phone or email us and we’ll work with you directly.

Brochure and installation guide can be downloaded here.

VAT is not included in the price, VAT and delivery will be added at checkout for mainland Britain (excluding Highlands and Islands).

Lead times may vary, please contact our wonderful support team with any queries on 01422 419 555 or [email protected].

Additional information

Weight1 kg

Product Information

Weight: 5.1kg/sqm

Size: 340mm (L) x 340mm (W) x 40mm (H)

Download assembly instructions here.

Gradient: If you have a steep surface upon which you would like to use our grids, please get in touch to discuss the best way to proceed. Your site and the vehicles likely to travel across the grids will inform the best way to proceed.

Pinning: It is a good idea to pin our grids down on inclines of 5% or more. On average, one pin per tile is sufficient, but the conditions of your site and the type of vehicles (if any) travelling on your grids will have a bearing on this, too. Give us a call to discuss your site. We stock both J-Pins and U-Pins. J-Pins have one longer leg, are suitable for softer ground and most commonly used with grass-filled grids; U-Pins are better suited to harder ground where they will not sink as deep, but offer security with both legs of the pin.


  • Helps to prevent and alleviate flooding.
  • SUDS-approved.
  • No planning permission required for domestic driveways.
  • Reinforces ground prone to erosion, slippage and wear.
  • Part M-approved for public wheelchair access.

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