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Our recycled plastic raised beds, permeable paving, planters and lumber are made from 100% recycled mixed plastic and come in a variety of colours.  Mixed, British waste plastic has been diverted from land-fill, incineration and dumping abroad then converted into a durable, useful material essential for any gardener. Our products neither degrade nor rot.  They don’t leach chemicals into soil and in the case of raised beds and planters can be dismantled if required.

Click here to see how Huw Richards has used our recycled plastic lumber to make custom beds.

Click here to find out more about our recycled plastic products for gardeners.

If you’d like to order maintenance-free materials which enable you to put your energy into growing rather than upkeep, get in touch! 0808 2812929 [email protected]

Our recycled plastic products for gardeners and landscapers

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A few stories from happy customers…

Recycled Plastic Raised Beds in Halifax

We thought you might like to see these recycled plastic raised beds, expertly filled and planted by Nick Berry in sunny Halifax, West Yorkshire. The height of these kits makes them very easy to plant out and subsequently tend to without as much bending or kneeling as conventional beds. Other than them being rot proof, another advantage of using recycled plastic is that it acts as a thermal store. This means that [...]

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The Best Raised Bed Kits Ever Made?

We're delighted to bring you Britain's finest raised bed kits, made from maintenance-free British recycled plastic and with a 25 year guarantee. These are our first ever consumer focused product, so we've tried to pull out all the stops and make them the absolute very best that money can buy. The walls are chemically inert, rot proof, non-splitting, non-splintering, non-leeching precision engineered 38mm thick recycled plastic and the fixings are steel [...]

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Earthworks put AXA staff to work

"Community action"! Two of our very favourite words at BRP. This week's group effort comes courtesy of the wonderful Earthworks project in St Albans, a small, award-winning charity nurturing people with learning disabilities to reach their full potential. They took some pieces of our recycled plastic lumber and built themselves some compost bins and a raised garden for wheelchair users. Of course every community project like this is always starved of funds, so [...]

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Recycled Plastic Raised Beds in Kitchen Garden Magazine!

We love the internet here at British Recycled Plastic - without cat videos and Ebay window shopping the BRP Shed would be very quiet of an evening. But when we're out digging in the mud filling up raised beds in the garden it's best to have your reading material not dependent on touching a screen with mucky fingers, and so printed material still very much plays a role. One of our favourites [...]

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Allotment community make the most of recycled plastic picnic table

You know how, if you say the same word enough times it can lose its meaning and seem like a random sound you're making? Well here at BRP Towers the phrase 'recycled plastic picnic table' rings out so often that sometimes it's possible to forget what it actually means. A recycled plastic picnic table is more than just a piece of furniture that gets put outside and pretties up the place. It's [...]

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Custom raised beds show what’s possible with recycled plastic lumber

We love a good custom build here at BRP Towers, so when Ken Paxman sent us these pictures of the raised beds he designed and built with our recycled plastic lumber there was an excitable huddle and lots of 'oooh, that's a lovely netting frame.' Horses for courses Of course we sell raised bed kits for people who want the simplicity of an off-the-peg solution, but people like Ken will always want [...]

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