Recycled Plastic Memorial Bench

A classic recycled plastic bench supplied with engraved remembrance plaque to remember your loved one.


Standing on a view point or in a favourite sheltered corner, it offers a place for family and friends to share stories and take a moment to reflect.

Choosing a memorial bench made from recycled plastic gives that all-important peace of mind, knowing that it will never rot, splinter, split or degrade in any way, and ensuring that it will remain a tribute to your loved one for many decades to come.

All of our memorial seats come fully assembled and are guaranteed for 25 years. They can be supplied either engraved or with a hard-wearing steel or brass plaque.

We have two different types of recycled plastic memorial bench, the Ilkley traditional sloper bench with armrests and the modernist Harewood bench, both being offered in either black or brown.

Key benefits: Rot, splinter and maintenance free ensuring longevity

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Why recycled plastic benches and seating over wooden benches?
  • Our recycled plastic benches come with a 25 year guarantee and will never splinter or rot unlike a wooden alternative.
  • Our recycled plastic benches and recycled plastic picnic tables are maintenance free and can be cleaned and disinfected in a way that will not affect the product.
  • Our recycled plastic benches use 100% British waste and are saving waste from landfill.
How long do these recycled plastic benches last and do you offer a guarantee on them?

We’re not sure quite how long they last, but probably around 100 years. All that is bad about plastic lasting a very long time is also good about plastic lasting a very long time. We are happy to guarantee them for 25 years.

What kind of plastic are they made from?

A mix of polyolefins; mainly HDPE and LDPE from most of the waste plastic produced by Western Scotland’s farming community. Typically this would be hay bale wrapping, silage wrapping, crates and packaging.

Can they be fixed to the ground?

We offer two separate kits for ground fixing; one for soft ground like parkland and one for hard ground like tarmac or concrete.

How do I clean these benches?

You can give them the occasional wipe down with a damp cloth or blast them with a jet wash once a year to get rid of things like tree sap.

Will they ever get splinters or crack or rot?

They will never splinter or crack or rot.

What colours are the benches and seats available in?

Fully black and fully brown or with black legs and seat and back slats in a combination of red, blue, forest, bright lime (yellow), orange, pink, lilac, grey and rainbow.

Can my recycled plastic bench be made in orange/purple/grey etc?

No, sorry.

Once they’ve been delivered, how do I store the bench parts before I start assembling them?

Recycled plastic lumber should always be stored laid flat on delivery, until you start work on it.

Why do you offer flat-packed benches?

Flat packed furniture takes less time in the workshop so we can sell it for less. Also, in most cases up to five benches can be stacked on the same pallet spaces as one, and in the case of the Oakworth, up to 10, drastically reducing the shipping costs and ultimately the effect on the environment as a whole by reducing co2 emissions.

How easy are the flat packed kits to put together? Do I need any special skills?

The flat packed kits are incredibly easy to put together and are designed to be assembled by unskilled people. Take a look at the downloadable instructions next to the individual designs above.

Why isn’t the Ilkley bench available as a flat packed kit?

This particular design is a little more complex than the others so we prefer to send it out only fully assembled.

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