As summer recedes and the colder months creep in, you may be thinking about those winter gardening jobs that need some attention. Maybe you’re getting ready to clear the garden in preparation for the chillier months or considering some preliminary planting for next year. Whatever your winter gardening plans may be, our recycled plastic products will make things easier while saving you time and money.

Recycled plastic raised beds

The autumn and early winter months are an an excellent time to start planting in raised beds, ensuring fresh and verdant produce for the summer. And if you choose recycled plastic for your raised beds, there’ll be no subsequent work to do in terms of maintenance and upkeep, leaving you more time to enjoy the garden.

Whereas beds made from traditional materials such as timber would withstand only a few winters before needing replacing, recycled plastic will last for decades without rotting or degrading in any way. Neither will it leach harmful chemicals into soil, so no need to worry about treating the material, either.

As well as being available in a wide range of lengths and widths, our raised bed kits can be ordered in three different heights – 300mm, 600mm and 750mm – ensuring that your gardening is as comfortable and easy as possible. So whether you prefer to stand, sit or kneel while tending the beds, there is a kit to perfectly suit your requirements.

Tending a recycled plastic raised bed

Forget about complicated construction, too – our recycled plastic raised bed kits couldn’t be simpler to assemble. The pre-built panels are easily assembled by two people, using only a screwdriver and adjustable spanner. Once in situ, the beds will provide decades of faithful service and will withstand whatever the fickle British weather throws at them.

Our customer Paula O’Donnell lives in the Scottish Highlands, so knows a thing or two about wintry conditions. She told us that the beds have been steadfastly up to the task:

“The raised beds have been in place for four years, and they have seen sunshine, rain, hail, snow and ice in the Highlands without discolouration, fading or warping. All of the plants, flowers, shrubs, fruit and veg are doing very well. I am delighted with this products’ strength, appearance and overall functionality. Service from the staff was absolutely outstanding and I wouldn’t hesitate to order again. Quality products speak for themselves.” 

Recycled plastic raised beds


Hannah and Helen bought raised bed kits for their garden in Hebden Bridge, and have also enjoyed the ease and resilience of the product throughout the seasons:

“We’re two years into our gardening adventure in the Pennines; quite a challenging environment. We decided in the first year that raised beds would be really helpful but didn’t relish the idea of ongoing maintenance and potential replacement, especially as we’re not exactly spring chickens! The British Recycled Plastic beds were the perfect solution and after the installation – which was pretty straightforward, even on our sloping site – we’re looking forward to many years of maintenance-free growing.

“We’ve enjoyed crops from the beds throughout the year, beans, mange tout, spinach, sugar snaps, carrots, beetroot, onions and loads of salad and herbs. It’s exciting to discover what thrives and what doesn’t in our West Yorkshire climate and the beds are at the heart of that.”

Helen with recycled plastic raised beds


Get composting

Early winter is also a time when many of us clear our gardens, so what better time to start composting? Our recycled plastic compost bins are an excellent companion piece to the raised beds, and make recycling your household and garden waste incredibly easy.

We’ve got a compost bin to help keep your garden circular, no matter what size space you’re working with. The Callis is a heavy duty composter – available with single, double or triple bins – and is ideal for allotments or larger gardens. Got a smaller garden? No problem – check out the Redacre and Callis Narrow Profile compost bins, specifically designed for those with more limited space.

And, just like the raised beds, our compost bins will never need replacing or maintaining, reducing your total-life costs and easing you garden work year-round. John Robertson recently ordered two of our compost bins for his garden in Wales, and had this to say about the product:

“We decided to go with British Recycled Plastic because the products looked like they would last a long time and we liked the fact they are made here, so not being imported from around the world. We have recently retired so want products that won’t need replacing in the long-term. 

“I liked the compost bins as they are made from commercial-grade material, whereas wood just rots in the end. The lids are good – heavy enough that they won’t blow away – and the whole thing looks neat and unobtrusive. As the bins are black, made from thick material and have lids, I’m expecting the contents to compost down quicker.

“Looking forward to the coming year, lots to compost and nice to know it’s not going to fall apart in several years’ time!”

Recycled plastic Callis compost bin

Recycled plastic lumber refurb

If you’re considering a little winter refurbishment in the garden, then our recycled plastic lumber can be used for an array of projects. If a refurb job would normally use timber, it’s likely that our plastic lumber can be used as a durable and sustainable alternative. Garden benches that need new slats, lids for potting sheds, new garden fencing – our versatile lumber has got any number of jobs covered.

Recycled plastic fencing

Sit back and relax

Of course, once you’ve done the gardening jobs, you may well want to sit back and admire your work. That’s where our garden furniture comes in. The classic Roundhay dining set is a traditional round table with four sturdy chairs – which can be ordered as individual items if you prefer – while the Harrogate table and bench set offers sleek, modern lines and the option to stow the benches beneath the table to save space.

Recycled plastic garden furniture

You don’t have to worry about dragging your garden furniture into the shed for protection during the winter months, either – recycled plastic will stand firm in the harshest weather without any degradation whatsoever. If you can stand the cold weather, then so will it!

Roundhay garden set in the snow

Our customer Sarah added the Roundhay set to her garden last year, and has been impressed with the product’s ease and resilience:

“Our new table and chairs are fantastic! Very robust and so easy to clean and maintain. The colour blends in perfectly with our garden and we know they will still look brand new in many year’s time!”

Why British Recycled Plastic?

By choosing British Recycled Plastic, you’re making a making a hugely positive change for the planet and actively helping in the fight against climate change. So why not get on board?

Our products can be seen in an array of locations up and down the country, from parks and playgrounds, to wetlands and nature trails. Some of our prestigious customers include the NHS, the National Trust, the MoD, and various school and universities throughout the UK.

We offer a wide range of products that are not only incredibly tough and durable, but actively help to dismantle the UK’s domestic waste mountain and keep plastic out of landfill.

Our recycled plastic is completely rot-proof, splinter-proof and maintenance-free and it comes with a 25-year guarantee. This means that year after year, it will keep its good looks and robust functionality without needing anything other than an occasional wash down.

We’re proud of how our role in the world of recycling is helping to reduce domestic waste and create products which are useful, long lasting and beautiful. Engineered from 100% British waste, our products are supplied to thousands of organisations and private homes across the UK: we believe they are the very best money can buy. We’re making waste wonderful.

For a closer look at how our products are made, check out the manufacturing video here.

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