From small steps come big changes and, here at British Recycled Plastic, we believe that growing your own food is a simple and effective way to be kinder to the planet. It’s a liberating experience to grow your own produce, and what better way to make that happen than with our recycled plastic raised beds?

We’re always happy to hear about our customers’ gardening experiences, so it was a real pleasure to visit John Harrison at his home in Wales recently, to find out more about his current growing project.

Rain in the mountains

Given that Snowdonia is one of the wettest parts of the UK, John was all too aware that his raised beds would be exposed to harsh elements and would need to be highly durable and resilient. Raised beds made from wood need to be tanalised if they’re to last more than a couple of years, but the chemicals used for the process present their own problems for the soil. Recycled plastic, on the other hand, will last for decades without any kind of treatment, is fully resistant to mould and algae, and will not leach any harmful chemicals into the soil.

Taking a stand

On top of the practical benefits of recycled plastic raised beds, growing your own food also makes a strong personal statement. John told us that he sees growing his own produce as a way to assert his independence in the wake of increasingly domineering super-brands.

“I’ve always had this sort of feeling that growing is in a way almost political, because you’re not dependent on what the supermarket chooses to supply.

“You can grow what you want. You can grow varieties that maybe won’t travel very well, or maybe won’t even grow well in different areas. You can grow things that you like in your own land and there is something magical about sitting and eating a meal that you have grown. If you can get out into the garden for an hour, it is so good for you. Not just physically but mentally as well.”

And of course, you’ll be doing your bit for the environment. As the produce is going straight from the garden to your table, you’ll be making a positive change by significantly reducing the global impact of food miles.

As John explains: “I actually heard about salad crops grown in Norfolk for a supermarket chain, shipped to Poland for processing and packaging, flown back to London through a distribution centre and then – in a supermarket two miles away from where the salad was grown – sold after it had been halfway around the world!”

You can listen to John’s words of wisdom and take a look at his raised bed growing project in the video below. 

Our raised beds

We’ve got customers throughout the UK who have discovered the simplicity and satisfaction of growing fruit and veg in raised beds. Whether for a school, allotment or domestic garden, we’re confident you’ll find something to suit your requirements in our large range of kits. If you can’t, give us a call to discuss your custom order.

Our raised bed kits are designed with ease and convenience in mind – they are all strapped to single pallets, so they can be tail-lifted from the truck and can travel in smaller box trucks for simpler delivery. They’re easy to assemble and need only coach bolts (provided) to fix them together. They’re available in our webshop, so your purchase can be completed online, easily and securely. They last for decades and never need treating. They don’t rot, split or splinter and don’t leach toxins into the ground, so your plants and the wildlife around them are safe.

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