As well as offering a range of recycled products that are used in all kinds of locations around the country, we also keep our eye on the recycling industry as a whole, and we’re always happy to share information with our online audience.

Regulations for home recycling can change between councils, and we recently received a question on our social media from someone who was keen to recycle, but also confused about which items to include.

Dan asked:


I’ve recently stopped putting plastics like food trays, cartons and yoghurt pots in my weekly council rubbish collection, as I discovered they don’t currently have the ability to recycle these types of items (apparently this will change, but not before 2024).

What’s more, if do put these things in with my regular recycling bag, it could contaminate other items and risk nothing of that bag being recycled. The council’s advice is to put these items in the general waste (black bag collections). My issue is that I know other councils nearby and across the country do have the ability and facilities to recycle these items already.

What advice could you give to someone in my position who wants to recycle plastic pots, trays, yoghurt pots, etc.. now? I’ve been looking for local programs, but as yet not found any solutions.

Thanks in advance


Recycling with the family

Happy to help

We said:

Hi, Dan and thanks for your question – it’s a very good one!

Local facilities vary widely and it can be difficult to get clear info on what is happening to your kerbside collections once they reach the recycling facility. Wherever possible, we would advise you to choose items using packaging which is definitely recyclable – tetrapak and compressed paper pulp are good alternatives to plastic.

Otherwise, reuse items, rather than just trashing them – even if they’re only re-used once or twice, you’re preventing more virgin plastic getting into the system. Modern life squeezes our time so much that pre-packaged supermarket food feels unavoidable, but many small, independent retailers are trying really hard to offer affordable alternatives.

Fruit/veg/meat packaging tends to be particularly problematic, but many small local greengrocers and butchers now offer email ordering with click and collect or even delivery – it’s certainly worth a Saturday morning potter around your locality to see what’s on offer. Zero-waste shops are worth checking out, too.

Our local indies are fighting so hard to survive against the supermarkets that their prices are really competitive and their service is wonderful. With click and collect from your local greengrocer, butcher and zero-waste (for dried goods/grains/cereals/cleaning products), you could find that you could grab almost everything within half an hour. It’s worth a thought.

It’s not just good for the planet and your pocket, it’s good for your soul, too – you’d be surprised how grateful local shopkeepers will be for your support and how easily you can feel just a little bit more connected to your local community. Get started by saving your current cleaning bottles and any containers with a decent lid for refilling at your local zero-waste store.

Good luck, and thanks for your efforts :)

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