This accessible fishing peg was built from our recycled plastic lumber decking. It’s a joint venture between Bideford & District Angling Club and the British Disabled Angling Association (BDAA).
Here’s what they had to say about the build:
“We were planning to construct platforms which were long lasting and offered access to individuals with limited mobility. The BDAA supplied the original drawings and we modified them to utilise your product instead of steel and wood, as per the original drawings.
The plastic lumber was very easy to work with. Corner fixings were bolted together with all four corner posts driven into and secured to the ground. The decking boards were screwed down to the frame using stainless steel screws with a gap between planks for drainage. The decking boards are very forgiving in the wet. They have good grip, thus making them safe for all users, regardless of mobility. Overall we are very happy with the product and are considering installing more in the future”.

Image showing the fishing pond with new fishing peg extending out over the water

Why choose our recycled plastic lumber?

Our recycled plastic lumber decking, planks and posts are the ideal material for marine and wetland environments. Unlike timber, our lumber does not absorb water it will never rot, split or splinter. It’s approved for use in SSSIs (Sites of Special Scientific Interest), so you can be assured that it won’t leach toxins into the water or land and won’t cause harm to the local flora and fauna. It’s resistant to UV rays and to the growth of mould and algae, so is considerably less slippery than timber.
Our plastic lumber is an economically sound choice. Compared to timber, the total life costs are much reduced: our recycled plastic will never need to be treated or maintained in any way whatsoever. It’s guaranteed for 25 years, although we expect it last far longer than that. We’d suggest using stainless steel fixings to ensure that your metalwork doesn’t end up being the weak point of your build.
Our recycled plastic lumber is made primarily from UK agricultural waste film. It’s processed and fabricated in the UK and we distribute within the UK only. We do this to keep our little corner of the waste economy circular. Keeping our end-to-end recycling operations within the UK means that all the revenue generated remains within the UK, supporting UK business.
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