“Community action”! Two of our very favourite words at BRP. This week’s group effort comes courtesy of the wonderful Earthworks project in St Albans, a small, award-winning charity nurturing people with learning disabilities to reach their full potential. They took some pieces of our recycled plastic lumber and built themselves some compost bins and a raised garden for wheelchair users. Of course every community project like this is always starved of funds, so they needed something that wouldn’t need replacing any time soon. When longevity is essential, we honestly think you can’t do any better than recycled plastic for raised beds – barring vandalism or some kind of meteor strike it should last for decades, maybe even centuries.

AXA staff doing the first physical labour of their careers

AXA staff doing the first real work of their careers

Earthworks' new compost bins, built entierly by volunteers using donations.

Earthworks’ new compost bins, built entirely by volunteers using donations.

Volunteers and donations

All of this was funded and constructed by volunteers from insurance firm AXA XL as part of the company’s Global Day of Giving. These pictures show some of the hard work that was put in on the day, and the beautiful space that was created.

It’s an interesting time for us to see what kind of beds people make. We of course sell raised bed kits, but we’re currently revising the designs and it’s great to see the ways other people use them. We’ll have more info in the coming weeks on the new beds, so watch this space for updates!

The volunteers from AXA demonstrating how they make coffee back in the office.

The volunteers from AXA demonstrating how they make coffee back in the office.

A wonderful cause supported by happy volunteers, our favourite kind. If all this has got you thinking about what you would make with our recycled plastic lumber, you can find more information here. Drop us a line on Freephone 0808 281 2929 and we’ll help make your project a reality.