It’s always great to see positive community action in the local area, so we were very proud to be part of this inspiring project by the Friends of Peel Park in Bradford. One of the city’s oldest and largest public spaces, Peel Park is a much loved green oasis that provides some natural contrast to the nearby city centre.

Like any large green space, it needs care and attention to keep it looking tidy and welcoming to all members of the public, so a group was formed to ensure the park was properly maintained for the local community.

Friends of Peel Park

Friends of Peel Park started out as a couple of friends that met up for litter picking, soon growing into a larger group committed to the regular upkeep of the park. All profits from Peel Park’s recently opened café, which also serves as the group’s official headquarters and meeting place, are put back into maintenance and improvement of the public area.

The group first contacted British Recycled Plastic in 2020 for five of our Denholme picnic tables, and has recently been back to us for an additional five – two more Denholmes and three Bradshaw Wheelchair-Accessible picnic tables – making the park even more inclusive.

Denholme picnic table in Peel Park

Janet Attwood, from Friends of Peel Park, told us that the tables were a great addition to the park, especially as they’re highly durable, will need zero maintenance and are good for the environment:

“The picnic tables are easily maintainable, we have to take the pressure off the Parks & Landscapes department when it comes to maintenance, and relatively indestructible. We love them dearly. And it’s a local company, so it ticks all the boxes – ecological, sustainability – all those buzzwords of the day.”

Community spirit at Peel Park

Friends of Peel Park firmly believes that properly maintained public spaces are an important part of any community, and hopes its efforts will help galvanise others into action. Janet said leading by example is key:

“Get a couple of people together who are like-minded and enthusiastic and put in the groundwork. Do the legwork yourself initially, and I think you will find that other people think just like you. They think, ‘oh it’s really rundown, and what can we do about it?’ And on their own they don’t feel they can do anything about it, but if a few people get together and show that, yes, there is something we can do.

“We started out litter picking in Peel Park – people actually said how lovely and clean this pace is for an inner city park. That makes a big difference. So go out there and do the small things, do the legwork and you will find that other people will say, ‘yeah, I can see that. That’s a good thing to do. And I want to get involved, too.’ I would say that’s the main thing. Don’t think that you’re on your own thinking that the place is is neglected and rundown – get out there, and that will produce other people’s interest as well.”

5 for 4

Friends of Peel Park took advantage of our 5 for 4 offer, and so can you. The offer is perfect for parks and public spaces, as it allows you to get an unbeatable deal on multiple items of outdoor furniture. If you order four of our Denholme, Bradshaw Wheelchair-Accessible or Calder picnic tables in black or brown, you’ll receive a fifth absolutely free.

The classic Denholme table, a sturdy A-frame design that comfortably seats four adults or six children, is already a favourite of numerous parks and green spaces up and down the UK. Based on the same design, the Bradshaw Wheelchair-Accessible table features a cutaway section that allows full, front-facing access to a wheelchair. The Calder in one of most heavy-duty picnic tables, a traditional round design that will comfortably seat eight adults.

The Denholme and the Bradshaw can be mixed and matched as part of the 5 for 4 deal, as long as all tables are of the same colour, so it’s easy to make your outdoor space fully inclusive.

The 5 for 4 offer is not available via the webshop, so please call the office and speak to our friendly team.

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