Hardcastle Crags

The National Trust know a thing or two about sustainability. Their job of caring for historic properties and areas of beautiful countryside around the UK involves a huge amount of maintenance, and so when they build a staircase in a riverbank or install a piece of signage they want to know it will last without adding to that mountain of work. That’s why they’ve recently been turning to recycled plastic lumber to do jobs previously performed by wood, such as the railings and signposts pictured here at Hardcastle Crags, just down the road from BRP Towers in Hebden Bridge.

Recycled plastic lumber used as handrail

Recycled plastic lumber used to make a handrail that blends beautifully into its riverside setting.

Longevity = Low Maintenance

Many of the installed pieces pictured here have been in place for the better part of a decade, but are functionally as good as the day they were erected. The years have lent a light dusting of leaf matter and fungus which helps them fit nicely into their woodland surroundings, and when these various natural coatings get too much they’re far easier to clean off than they would be from timber. More importantly, no structural damage is done by any of it. In some places the handrails transition from older timber pieces which are now beginning to crumble, to plastic lumber which is still 100%, and the contrast is striking.

Recycled plastic boards for signage

Recycled plastic boards used to make signage in Hardcastle Crags.

It’s locations like this that make us proud to do what we do – recycled plastic products blending perfectly with their surroundings and providing a vital service. We strongly recommend you visit Hardcastle Crags if you get a chance – you can find more information about it here:  https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/hardcastle-crags and there’s more information about the amazing work of the National Trust here: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk

Recycled plastic lumber signpost for National Trust

Decisions decisions… but at least the sign will last until you choose a route.

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