We are committed to providing commercial picnic tables and sustainable outdoor furniture solutions that combine durability with aesthetic appeal. We recently had the privilege of discussing Mission Out’s experience with our recycled plastic picnic tables, which they integrated into their outdoor attraction with their Site Manager.

Quality and Durability

Emphasises the importance of furniture that withstands the elements year-round. Our British Recycled Plastic picnic tables have proven to be exceptionally durable, requiring minimal maintenance and remaining resilient in all weather conditions. This durability ensures they can remain in place throughout the year, without the need for seasonal storage or frequent replacements.

“As we are an outdoor adventure park we need good quality that lasts, we also don’t need to pack them away in winter as they’re fine out in all weathers”

Tingley Mission Out 3
Tingley Mission Out 2

Investment in Sustainability

Our recycled plastic tables offer long-term cost savings and align with Mission Out’s commitment to sustainability. This choice reflects their strategic approach to reducing waste and promoting environmentally responsible practices across their operations. The decision to invest in British Recycled Plastic picnic tables was driven by both economic and environmental considerations. Unlike traditional wooden benches that require ongoing maintenance and replacement.

“Sustainability is very important! We have a large number of our teams across all sites taking part in Carbon Literacy training and we do a lot through the business to help us become more sustainable. As Mission Out was a new venture we wanted to get sustainability at the forefront of how we set up, suppliers we used and how we operated.”

Aesthetically Pleasing

Customisability was another key aspect for Mission Out, allowing them to match their brand colours initially. Despite the overall aesthetic of Mission Out’s outdoor spaces has been significantly enhanced by the addition of our picnic tables, creating an inviting atmosphere for visitors to relax and enjoy their surroundings.


Tingley Mission Out

The positive impact of British Recycled Plastic picnic tables on the visitor experience at Mission Out is that the tables provide comfort, ease of maintenance, and inclusive design features that accommodate all guests, including those with accessibility needs. This contributes to a welcoming environment that enhances the overall enjoyment of the outdoor adventure park.

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