We love a good custom build here at BRP Towers, so when Ken Paxman sent us these pictures of the raised beds he designed and built with our recycled plastic lumber there was an excitable huddle and lots of ‘oooh, that’s a lovely netting frame.’

Horses for courses

Of course we sell raised bed kits for people who want the simplicity of an off-the-peg solution, but people like Ken will always want to go the extra couple of miles to make something that suits their specific needs down to the last detail, and we’re only too happy to supply any combination of pieces to fit anyone’s spec.

Ken Paxman raised beds 4

For a start, he’s gone for a really heavy-duty construction. Our kit design uses our decking board profile and long woodscrews for the walls, which are plenty for most people’s needs, but Ken obviously wanted something bombproof so he’s gone with the 100mm x 50mm profile and secured them to internal corner posts with M8 x 120mm bolts. The height of his plants may give us a clue as to why – there will likely be a good number of occasions when he’ll need to stand on the walls of the beds.

Ken Paxman raised beds 3

There’s also a built-in watering system, something we’ve not seen before. It’s got us wondering if he’d take commissions – in this summer heat we all need as much help as we can get. Along with the swanky netting frames and the netting retention loops in the sides of the beds, Ken really seems to have poured a lot of time and effort into his build.

Ken Paxman raised beds 2

One major benefit of using recycled plastic lumber for this project is that, in normal use, the lifetime of these beds is virtually endless. Ken’s spent a huge amount of time and effort to build all this, but imagine if it had to be redone every few years when the walls of his beds rotted away to nothing? The time end expense that are saved by using recycled plastic are obvious.

We think Ken’s played a blinder here, and we wish him every success in his growing for years to come. If all his hard work has inspired you to think about what you might build, give us a call to discuss your plans and we’ll do everything we can to help. Our lumber range is here, our raised beds kits are here, and our price list is here.

custom recycled plastic raised beds custom recycled plastic raised beds