Angling clubs around the UK are already making use of our recycled plastic decking for their fishing platforms. It’s really a no-brainer when you consider the beneficial properties of recycled plastic in an aquatic environment, compared to more traditional materials.

Given that the legs of most fishing platforms are permanently submerged in water – with the upper platform itself being wet much of the time – it’s no surprise that wooden structures give way to water damage over just a few short years. This is where recycled plastic really comes into its own, as it does not not absorb water and will never rot or deteriorate, no matter how long its stays submerged. Neither will it leach any harmful chemicals into delicate ecosystems, so it’s beneficial to you and safe for the planet.

Recycled plastic decking at Slipper Bridge

Back in 2017, Slipper Bridge in Gilberdyke near Hull replaced its old composite decking boards with recycled plastic decking, as the previous material had deteriorated and become dangerous. Using our decking not only made its fishing platforms more durable and sustainable, but also much more accessible for wheelchair users. We’d say that’s a win for everyone!

Jason Elliott, Managing Director of British Recycled Plastic, explained the benefits when he visited the site recently:

“Slipper Bridge Angling Club, together with the Environment Agency, have made this a really accessible area for wheelchair uses, not just for today or for next year, but well into the future. The thing about recycled plastic is, apart from it being much better for the environment because it’s using up rubbish, it doesn’t rot. It doesn’t split. It doesn’t splinter. It doesn’t get covered in algae so it’s not going to be slippery. It’s just safer.

“And it lasts so many more times longer. Guaranteed for 25 years, of course, because it won’t ever rot. All of this pond has got recycled plastic fishing platforms, to give disabled access users – as well as regular able-bodied users – the ability to get to the water, open a beer, put the rod in and catch a couple of fish.”

Take a look at the excellent work Slipper Bridge Angling Club has done in the video:

Why British Recycled Plastic?

Our recycled plastic decking, planks and posts are the ideal material for the wettest environments, so perfectly suited for your fishing platforms. Our recycled plastic will never rot, spilt or splinter, and has been used by the Environment Agency in SSSIs (Sites of Special Scientific Interest). It is resistant to mould and algae, won’t leach toxins into the water, and is substantiality less slippery than wood – that’s got to give you a peaceful, easy feeling.

The total life costs are also significantly reduced: our recycled plastic will never need to be treated or maintained in any way whatsoever. It’s guaranteed for 25 years, although we expect it last far longer than that – a sound choice for your pocket and the planet.

Our recycled plastic lumber is made primarily from UK agricultural waste film. It’s processed, fabricated and engineered in the UK and we distribute within the UK only. We do this to keep our little corner of the waste economy circular. Keeping our end-to-end recycling operations within the UK means that all the revenue generated remains within the UK, supporting UK business.

Using recycled plastic for your fishing platforms will bring you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy the day’s angling without concern.

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