We get some common enquiries from potential customers about recycled plastic picnic tables – that’s why they’re called ‘frequently asked questions’, after all – so we thought it would be good to address a selection of them in one handy chunk.

Last year, the historic Piece Hall in Halifax ordered forty of our tables for its expansive outdoor area, and the tables have become almost as iconic as the building itself. A perfect location for a new Q&A, Jason and Hutch from BRP revisited the site to answer your most popular questions.

Among them were:

Why should I choose recycled plastic for my outdoor furniture?

“Recycled plastic lasts considerably longer than timber. So that’s probably the main reason because it doesn’t split splinter, or rot in any way or even degrade. All the bad things that people associate with plastic are actually what makes recycled plastic furniture good.”

Where does the source material come from?

“The main ingredient is plastic that’s been recycled from Western Scotland’s agricultural wastes, like hay bale wrappers that you see in the fields and silage wrappers, but a lot of it also comes from manufacturing. And that might be from the automotive industries or just general manufacturing like supermarket wrapping and things like that.”

Are your recycled plastic picnic tables available in different colours?

“Many different colours. I think we currently have eight in our standard range. Not all the furniture is available in all colours, but there are several different ones to choose from. And you can have different configurations of the same colours, the colours of your school, for example. We can do tops and benches different colours, whatever you like, or even rainbow colours. We’ve done some rainbow ones for Pride.”

Are there recycled plastic picnic tables for wheelchair users?

“We have at least two in our range. There’s a version of the Denholme table that comes with one of the A-frames moved across and a cutaway section to fit a wheelchair. We also have a version of the Calder table that has one of the seats removed to fit the wheelchair really nicely.”

Check out all of the questions and the lovely grounds of the Piece Hall in the full video:

About British Recycled Plastic

Our products can be seen in an array of locations up and down the country, from parks and playgrounds, to council buildings and nature trails. Some of our prestigious customers include the NHS, the National Trust, the MoD, and various universities throughout the UK.

All of our recycled plastic products are not only incredibly tough and durable, but actively help to dismantle the UK’s domestic waste mountain and keep plastic out of landfill.

Our recycled plastic is completely rot-proof, splinter-proof and maintenance-free and it comes with a 25-year guarantee. This means that year after year after year, it will keep its good looks and robust functionality without needing anything other than an occasional wash down. Of course, as it is chemically inert, it can be washed as often as wanted, with bleach, disinfectant or any other regular cleaning product.

Our role in the world of recycling is helping to reduce domestic waste and create products which are useful, long lasting and beautiful. Engineered from 100% British waste, our products are supplied to thousands of organisations and private homes across the UK: we believe they are the very best money can buy. We’re making waste wonderful.

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