The other day, Jason made a visit down to Stroud and met up with Ron Kerby, Construction Manager for Cotswold Canal Trust, to talk to him about using recycled plastic in the design and fabrication of canal lock gates.

One of the tests they performed was using wooden planks on one gate with recycled plastic on the other, discovering that the plastic stopped the water immediately while the wooden gate only became effective once it had become thoroughly soaked, some time later.

Ron and his team also used recycled plastic to make the paddles, capable of withstanding many tonnes of water pressure as they wanted to remove the need for maintenance on this vital aspect on any lock gate.

Like us here at British Recycled Plastic, Ron was very keen to stress the importance of using stainless steel fixings to prevent the need for maintenance in a marine environment.

You might as well use stainless steel which is going to last just as long as the plastic will. –  stressed Ron.

When asked if he thought other canal trusts should use this method, he said “I think they should, because if they take the plastic and stainless steel on, then once they’ve done them, they’re never going to have to change them again.” For all enquiries, please contact British Recycled Plastic on 01422 88 57 61.