Why Choose Recycled Plastic?

Discover the benefits of switching from wood and other products to recycled plastic lumber and furniture.

Choosing recycled plastic products provides both environmental and economic benefits for you and the world around you. Our recycled plastic lumber posts, planks and boards are manufactured in the UK from British waste and then engineered into our wonderful range of products. Whether they’re placed in a private garden, public parkland or a school playground, British Recycled Plastic’s practical and smart designs will give you decades of reliable, weatherproof service with no treatments or maintenance required, ever.

Watch our video to find out more about how British Recycled Plastic is made and the many reasons to choose our recycled products:

25 year g

25 Year Guarantee

disinfected g

Easily Disinfected

zero maintenance g


rot proof g

Rot and Algae Proof

UV Resistance g

High UV Resistance

towel dries g

Towel-Dries Instantly After Rain

insect proof g

Insect Proof

vandal proof g

Vandal Resistant

ce costs g

Reduced Total-Life Costs

splinter free g

Split and Splinter Free

british g

Providing British Jobs

use of waste g

Responsible Use of Waste

How it’s made:

A quick look at the plastic recycling process and its transformation into usable products.

The video explains in depth every stage of the manufacturing process and it shows a few examples of our finished products.

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Our most popular products for your home or organisation.

For your home garden

A range of recycled plastic products including outdoor furniture, raised beds in a variety of sizes, and lumber for self-build projects.

For your organisation

A broad range of recycled plastic products suitable for commercial use including picnic tables, benches and ground reinforcement grids.