BRP Towers is of course a self-contained paradise of recycled plastic where it’s perpetually warm and you can always bask in the sunshine on an attractive yet hardwearing picnic table. However we’ve heard stories lately that outside these shiny, maintenance free-walls the British summer 2019 may have been… well, a bit moist at times. Unfortunately there’s not much we can do about the weather itself but we can help you be ready for it, as these pics from a recent customer show.

Ian and Jo's garden, prepared with X-Grid and ready for gravel.

Ian and Jo’s garden, prepared with X-Grid and ready for gravel.

Standing water

Having struggled for some time to deal with patches of standing water in their garden, Jo and Ian chose Hebden X-Grid as the base layer under the gravel they used to create a low-maintenance yet stylish outdoor area. One of the big advantages of permeable paving is that it will not require planning permission, whereas a non-permeable surface (concrete, standard tarmac, brick etc) may do, depending on how the runoff is managed.

Planters, beds and pots retain the greenery whilst the X-Grid keeps the gravel from migrating or indenting and allows water to drain away freely. Useful in a climate like ours! They’ve been delighted with the results; Jo calls it her ‘seaside beach garden’.

The gravel going in!

The gravel going in!

The list of applications for Hebden X-Grid is growing all the time – some of the ones we’ve seen so far include –

• Green parking
• Emergency vehicle access
• Temporary and permanent roadways
• Quick fit shed bases
• Road protection
• Embankments
• Green roofs
• Driveways
• Tree beds
• Golf walkways
• Caravan parking
• Equine hard standing

Even the Royal Horticultural Society approves of Hebden X-Grid. If all this home improvement has got you thinking about what you would do with your driveway, garden or outdoor space you can find more information at Give us a call on 0808 281 2929 or email us at [email protected] to see how Hebden X-Grid can help with your project.