Spring is on its way and it’s time to get growing with our raised bed kits!

Image shows several BRP recycled plastic raised beds with produce. Some of the plants are netted to protect them from birds.

As the days get longer, there’s nothing more satisfying than watching seeds germinate and making plans for the garden. A great way to establish your garden is by using raised beds. They improve drainage, reduce weeding, and make companion planting and crop rotation a breeze. They even absorb thermal heat from the sun, encouraging vigorous growth. Our raised bed kits were very popular last year and here’s what some of our customers had to say about them:

A raised bed garden featuring BRP 600mm tall recycled plastic raised beds, bursting with produce.

“This is my second year using my plastic beds and I couldn’t be happier. They were very simple to assemble, and only required bolting together. They haven’t warped or bleached, and look as good as the day I bought them. I will be taking them with me when I next move house!”

Corn growing in a BRP recycled plastic raised bed.

“Delivery was within the specified time, they were delivered in cut-to-size pieces on pallets, with clear assembly instructions. My husband and I assembled them ourselves, and we are no experts! Although they may be more expensive than wooden raised beds, they will last for many, many years longer”

Flowers of many colours growing in a BRP recycled plastic raised bed.

“Having been in place for two years they have seen sunshine, rain, hail, snow and ice in the Highlands without discolouration, fading or warping. All of the plants, flowers, shrubs, fruit and veg are doing very well. I am delighted with this products’ strength, appearance and overall functionality. Service from the staff has been absolutely outstanding and I wouldn’t hesitate to order again – in fact, I have done so!”


Why choose our raised bed kits?

Our easy-assembly raised bed kits have loads of convenient features:

  • They’re pre-cut and semi-assembled so you only have to bolt panels to posts – no cutting or drilling required.
  • Stainless steel fixings and assembly instructions are included.
  • All kits travel on a single pallet for the most economical delivery and will be tail-lifted to the ground at your address.
  • Available with staked or flat-cut posts, as required.
  • 500mm beds are a great choice for urban gardeners with limited space.

Multiple images showing the stages of building a BRP recycled plastic raised bed.

What’s so good about our recycled plastic?

  • Unlike timber, it won’t absorb water, so it will never rot, split or splinter.
  • It will never need treating and requires zero maintenance. Hose or brush it down a couple of times a year if you like, but it won’t suffer in any way if you don’t.
  • It’s approved for use in SSSIs, so you can be assured it won’t leach anything harmful into the soil or local water courses.
  • It’s guaranteed to last 25 years and we expect it to last much longer. Our raised beds are the only ones you’ll ever need to buy.
  • All of our recycled plastic lumber is manufactured in the UK, from UK waste. We’re keeping our little corner of the waste economy circular.

If you want to get growing with our raised bed kits, check out the full range in our webshop.

Take a look at our range of composters, too.

BRP recycled plastic composters. Redacre easy assembly composter and Callis triple composter with a single lid.

All of our raised bed kits comprise a combination of 1m and 0.5m panels, which can be arranged in any combination.

  • For instance, if you want a 3m x 1.5m bed (which you won’t see in the webshop), you can simply order a 3.5m x 1m bed (which is listed in the webshop) and use the 0.5m panels to extend the width of the bed, rather than the length.

If you can’t find whaat you want on the webshop, drop us a line to discuss a custom project:

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