A truckload of our Denholme picnic tables recently landed at the Piece Hall, in Halifax. And we mean a truckload! 40 Denholmes, in an array of colours, arrived to great excitement.

Wagon arriving at the Piece Hall

The Piece Hall is a heritage site in Halifax (just down the road from BRP Towers) and has been at the heart of Halifax life for over 250 years. It was originally built to support the local textiles industry, a place where traders met to buy and sell “pieces” of cloth.

Offloading the Piece Hall order

Calderdale Council and the Heritage Lottery Fund granted £19 million of funding for a conservation and transformation programme and after a bit of a spruce-up, the Piece Hall relaunched in 2017 as a commercial and cultural hub. It’s now home to a wealth of independent traders and community education projects, with the courtyard also used for large concerts and public events.

We’re all excited for life to get back to normal and to be able to spend time with friends and family again, to enjoy street-life and a spot of people-watching. The installation of 40 picnic tables will provide Piece Hall shoppers and cafe-goers with somewhere dry and safely-sociable for decades to come. It’ll take a while to get all the picnic tables built and in place, but we’ll be back there soon to see the finished project and to have a chat with the folk at the Piece Hall about their hopes for the future as our towns and businesses reopen.

Red and purple Denholmes under construction

What’s so good about recycled plastic picnic tables?

Where should we start?! Perhaps by telling you that we truly believe in our products and want to see them used as widely as possible. Here’s why…


Our recycled plastic doesn’t absorb water, so it towels dry instantly, whatever the weather. It’ll never rot, split or splinter and is impervious to the growth of mould and algae, so is less slippery than timber. It’s resistant to UV and has no chemical key for paint to bind with, making it graffiti-resistant. It performs exceptionally well in freshwater and marine environments, effortlessly resisting sea winds and saltwater.

Green Denholme picnic table under construction

Longevity and durability

Our products come to you with a 25-year guarantee, but we expect them to last much longer. Installations which have been in place for 10 years look as good as the day they were built, with no more than the odd scrap of moss to show for all those years of service. They require no treatments or maintenance whatsoever – you can hose or brush them down a few times a year if you wish, but this is purely cosmetic and they will suffer no ill-effects if you don’t. Once installed, they’ll last forever, outliving their timber equivalents many times over – you’ll see your total-life costs drop instantly.


Yes, they require a higher outlay than for timber. What do you get for that extra expense? Most importantly, a lifetime product you’ll only need to buy once and will never need to maintain. That’s not just good for your pocket, but it’s good for the planet. Of course, you’re repurposing waste, and by doing so, you’re also preserving the limited resources our planet has available.

All of our picnic tables and benches are included in our Buy 4, Get 5 deal. They’re a popular choice for schools, pubs and employee breakout areas.

Fully-built green Denholme


All of our A-frame tables can have a single wheelchair-accessible cutaway space included at no extra charge, allowing wheelchair-users to sit in the same position as everyone else. Include a couple of accessible tables in your bundle of 5 and know you’ll make someone’s day a whole lot easier.


As well as being lower-slip and non-splintering, our recycled plastic is approved for use in SSSIs (Sites of Special Scientific Interest). Even submerged in seawater, you can be assured that no harmful materials will leach into the local environment.

Our furniture is safe to disinfect.

If you’re looking at our furniture and security is a concern, check out our fixing kits, available for both soft and hard ground.


We’re committed to repurposing waste plastic which would otherwise end up in landfill. A central principle of sustainable practice is “Buy once, buy well” and that’s what we’re all about – bringing you durable, economical and sustainable products. Invest once, for a lifetime of service.

Green and purple Denholme picnic tables at the Piece Hall

Why choose British Recycled Plastic?

We’re a well-established and trusted brand with a wealth of experience. You’ll find our products in playgrounds, hospitals, nature reserves, cricket clubs and bowling greens up and down the land.  Customer service is at the heart of our operation and we pride ourselves on taking the time to ensure you get the right products for your needs at the best possible price. Head to our webshop for anything off-the-peg (schools and local authorities can claim 30 day payment terms by selecting BACS at the checkout), or give our friendly team a call for lumber quotes and custom orders: 01422 419 555, [email protected].