Redacre Growing Project recently developed a container garden, using our raised bed kits.

Redacre is a community growing project, tucked away in the hills of BRP’s hometown, Hebden Bridge. Founded in 2009, they developed an old derelict landfill into an amazingly productive site, featuring allotment plots, polytunnels, a bee apiary, chickens and a community roundhouse. They’re great friends of ours and we always look forward to seeing their latest project.

Raised beds at Redacre, full of produce.


These images show our 2000x1000mm raised bed kit, at 600mm high – the perfect height to work from a stool or a wheelchair.

Raised beds at Redacre, full of plants

Our raised bed kits

All of our raised bed kits have been designed to occupy only a single pallet space in a truck, so (if necessary) they can be shipped in small box trucks and tail-lifted to the ground upon arrival at your address.

Preparing the ground for the raised beds.

Your kit will comprise corner posts and ready-assembled panels. You can choose to have the panels fitted with either flat-bottomed or staked posts; we’d recommend stakes for any ground with a steep slope. They’re so simple to construct and need only coachbolts (provided) for assembly.

All the components of a raised bed, laid out on the ground, prior to assembly.

Our raised bed kits are made from the same recycled plastic lumber as our picnic tables and benches. It’s manufactured from waste agricultural plastic – mostly the film which you see wrapping silage bales – and is guaranteed for 25 years, although we expect it to last much longer. It will never need treating and never rots, splits or splinters. It’s chemically inert and approved for use in SSSIs, so you can rest assured that nothing nasty will leach into the soil and damage your plants or the local wildlife.

Fitting the cross-supports inside the raised bed.

The finished raised bed, filled with topsoil.

They’re available in a large variety of lengths from 1m right up to 3.5m and in three heights: 300mm (kneeling), 600mm (sitting) and 750mm (standing). As well as the 1m-wide beds shown here, we also offer our full range in 500mm wide, for those of you with smaller spaces. All beds can be made in either black or brown. If our extensive range of kits doesn’t meet your needs, then give us a call on the number below to discuss your custom project.

Check out our raised beds page for more information or go straight to the webshop to make a purchase.

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