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Recycled plastic being used to make lumber

26 11, 2018

National Trust place their trust in recycled plastic

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Hardcastle Crags   The National Trust know a thing or two about sustainability. Their job of caring for historic properties and areas of beautiful countryside around the UK involves a huge amount of maintenance, and so when they build a staircase [...]

19 11, 2018

WW1 Centenary Walks Topped Off With Recycled Plastic Benches

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Sowood - A Town With History   Sowood in the 21st century is a delightful village of a couple of thousand people perched atop the Yorkshire moors. Its picturesque stone-built houses and churches give an impression of peaceful permanence; it's [...]

29 07, 2013

How to calculate recycled plastic contraction and expansion

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As temperatures rise, recycled plastic expands, and as it gets colder so it will contract. Any construction will have to allow the material to expand or shrink; especially in the case of large constructions, such as fencing along dozens of [...]

22 07, 2013

Recycled Plastic Decking – Case Study

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In this case study, we are looking at the creation of a patio area using British Recycled Plastic lumber and decking boards. The installation was at an Early Years Centre operated by Herefordshire Council. Using recycled plastic offered several key advantages [...]

22 07, 2013

Creating steps from recycled plastic lumber

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The longevity of any new installation was the most important factor to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, the organisation responsible for the management of this area. Firstly the need to periodically replace weathered steps burdens the council with continual [...]

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